[Beauty] LamSamYick 林三益 Beauty Brushes

Introducing LamSamYick 林三益, a Taiwanese brush maker for more than a century, has successfully opened up a new market for handmade brushes with the brand ‘LSY’ professional cosmetics brushes.

I get to know LSY through the recent #TaiwanBeautyAlliance2017 event, which featured 12 outstanding beauty brands from Taiwan. LSY is one of the brand that impressed me much.

These are my picks from LSY, there are cosmetics brushes and as well as skincare brushes. Read on for more details ya!

So what’s skincare brushes? Basically, these brushes are great by taking care and cleanse our face effectively.

Left: Series-Clean Acne Brush (Pink) 淨顏刷(蜜桃粉)

LSY one of the best selling brush. Soft and fine brush that gently cleanse skin with your facial wash. Move the brush with facial wash in circular motion, cleanse pores effectively and help to massage skin. Makes me feel extremely relaxing and therapeutic everyday.


Right: Silicon Masking Brush (Pink) 敷臉小魔刷(雲彩粉)

Another helpful skincare tool. Silicon mask brush is definitely more hygienic than the normal mask brush. No need to dry the brush after application and wash. The angle of the silicon is perfect to apply mask on every area of your face. Easy to use and wash!

勻敷 x 不弄髒手的神奇魔力
● 好神奇

Aboriginal Brush Set (Red) 原民風旅行組 (紅款) 

♦️It’s my current favourite blush brush for my daily use. After the 1st cleaning, the blusher brush is super soft and fluffy! It’s the softest brush among all my makeup brushes.
♦️Made up of natural grey squirrel, goat and syntactic hair.
♦️The set comes with an aboriginal design pouch and retractable lip brush, great for travelling!
♥️A total of 4 designs, specially designed by Taiwan Famous Aboriginal Artist 高明德老師.

Thick Foundation Brush (White) 底妝胖胖刷(白) 

Thick and soft brushes which enable me to apply foundation evenly and fuss-free!
There is no special technique on how to use this foundation brush, easy and comfortable to use. It’s an all-purpose foundation brush which can use it to apply with your BB Cushion, Liquid Foundation and Powder Foundation.



LSY put in effort in their packaging too, love the exquisite box and it comes with a pouch. Definitely travel-friendly and hygienic, no worries of contamination with other Makeup brushes.

Angle Foundation Brush 斜角底妝刷 Angle Contour Brush 斜角修容刷

Suitable to use on all types of foundation, you can use it dry or wet it. The angle brush enables me to apply foundation on my face easily and make sure all corners and angle of my face is evenly applied. The special type of syntactic hair allows the brush to dry up quickly when you wash and clean it.


●刷頭採斜角平口形狀 → 方便施力及延展底妝
●獨特波浪毛料設計 → 無刷痕、妝完美無瑕
●波浪狀化纖毛料 → 乾燥速度快一倍
●乾溼兩用不吃妝品 → 可節省30%妝品用量

If you are unsure which foundation brush best suit you, watch the video below:

Thick Foundation Brush (White) 底妝胖胖刷(白)  V.S Angle Foundation Brush 斜角底妝刷

You can check out more LSY brushes on their website: https://www.lsy031.com

Their brushes are in great quality with affordable prices.

If you are in Taipei or travelling to Taipei soon, do drop by their counters and *flagship store.

時代百貨台北店 (原阪急百貨) – 110 台北市 信義區 忠孝東路5段8號B1(近捷運市政府站2號出口)

新光三越-南西百貨1館 – 104 台北市 中山區 南京西路12號B1 (近中山站2號出口)

*LSY林三益旗艦店 – 103 台北市 大同區 重慶北路二段58號 (中山站4、5出口 往重慶北路方向)

Alternatively, you may place your order to customer1@lamsamyick.com 

You’ll be informed of the payment detail including delivery charge by LSY service staff.
All set discount is only exclusive at LSY official website!

For more info of their overseas (HK / M’sia / SG) stores: https://www.lsy031.com/column_content.php?column_content_sn=12&store_type_sn=23&category_sn=145

Keep your eyes peel on my IG @tebisha, I will share more on their newest Little Miss Bye Bye Acne Brush soon.

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