[Beauty] L’OCCITANE Petal Cleansing Oil & Peony Face Masks

Introducing L’OCCITANE Petal Cleansing Oil.

Petal Cleansing Oil contains hand-picked petals that have been selected from the finest blooms of the season, chosen at the height of their beauty.

Yes, real Peony petals in every bottle. Cleansing oil is always my preferred choice of makeup remover. L’OCCITANE Petal Cleansing Oil glides onto skin like liquid velvet gold, enveloping your senses in a fresh, floral scent. The floral scent is light and calming. Makes the process of removing makeup therapeutic and enjoyable.

Now, let me show you how easy to use and effectiveness of the cleansing oil. Did an experiment on my hand. Blusher, Matte lipsticks and waterproof eyeliner, these are my stubborn makeup which need a little more effort in removing.

Drop a few drops of Petal Cleansing Oil and start massage with circular motion. You can be more generous for effortless remover process. The oil is gentle to skin and yet effective, it melts away excess makeup and impurities. Even for waterproof makeup, the removing process is fuss-free! Upon contact with water, it transforms into a milky emulsion, leaving behind nothing but perfectly-cleansed skin.

Look at how my clean my hand is! Besides perfectly-cleansed skin, it also leaves my skin smooth, soft and silky!

L’OCCITANE Petal Cleansing Oil:

🌺 Refine Pores

🌺 Improves Radiance

🌺 Evens Skin Tone

🌺 REAL Pink Peony Petals inside

Retailing at S$45 / 200ml

Also introducing the NEW! Peony Face Masks that comes in mini pods size!

What I have here are the Flash Moisture Mask & Overnight Perfecting Mask:

3 types available:

🌷 Peony Purifying Minute Mask – Detox

The Purifying Minute Mask is designed to target both signs and causes of imperfections, typical of oily skin. Easy to apply and quick to rinse, this melt-in mask seems to tighten pores and reduces excess sebum for a clear complexion that is left glowing thanks to the association of peony and lemon extracts. Free from impurities, the skin reveals a radiant blooming complexion.

🌷 Peony Flash Moisture Mask – Hydrate

Treat your skin in a flash. With the Flash Moisture Mask, indulge your dry and dehydrated skin and enrich it in seconds; it’s perfect even when you’re stuck for time! Specifically designed for women on the go, its quick absorption formula is made with complex of peony to plump and perfect your face and reveal a radiant and velvety skin. It is likely that peony has to do something with this new healthy glow!

🌷 Peony Overnight Perfecting Mask – Recharge

Specifically formulated to prevent signs of fatigue and dull skin after a late night or an early start, the Overnight Perfecting Mask gives your skin a helping hand to wake up with a skin as beautiful as if you had had 8 hours of full sleep. Looking rested and refreshed, the skin starts the morning as radiant as the day ahead, ready to reveal its own beauty to the world. A few minutes, and this mask drenched with complex of peony, which has long been hailed for its perfecting properties, will make your skin deliciously plumped.

I have tried both Flash Moisture Mask & Overnight Perfecting Mask. Love the pods size which is very travel-friendly and hygienic. Each pod is for single use, no worries for contamination of the mask.

Flash Moisture Mask texture is rich and creamy, effective hydrates dry skin after cleanse off the mask. My skin is well nourished and moisturised. It gives a healthy glow on my face which lasted for days.

Compared to Flash Moisture Mask, Overnight Perfecting Mask texture is lighter and non-oily. Gel type mask works while you sleep, when your skin is most receptive to skincare. Always love overnight mask, it’s good for lazy people like me. Apply it before sleep, the next morning, wake up to skin that feels fresh and looks radiant as if revitalised.

Always be #SelfieReady with Peony Face Masks!

 Retailing at S$8 / 6ml (per pod)

Both L’OCCITANE Petal Cleansing Oil & Peony Face Masks are now available at all L’OCCITANE stores and http://sg.loccitane.com/ (Enjoy FREE SHIPPING with $100 purchase! | First-timer? Use code WELCOME10 to enjoy $10 off with purchase of $50)

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