[Review] Expression Spider Gold Facial Treatment

Spider Gold Facial Treatment is one of the most special facial treatment I have done.
When I was introduced to Spider Gold Facial Treatment by Expression Consultant, I was like Spider? Are they going to use spider on my face? Lucky, its not what I thought.
The top features of Spider Gold Facial Treatment:
  • Minimises Pores
  • Refines & Lightens Acne Scars
  • Increases Skin Elasticity
  • Improves Blood Circulation
  • Smoothens Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • Reduces & Lightens Pigmentation
  • Age Spots

I was so amazed by the end results of the facial. I will be going through the facial process below, so read on.
But first, let me show you the before and after pictures:
The before and after of my face condition is very obvious. 
My skin brighten up and glow instantly! It helped on my uneven skin tone on my forehead area and lighten my dark skin tone around my eyes area.
Pores were perfectly cleansed and minimized. 
Therapist started off by removing my make up and cleanse my face, followed by facial scrub.
Next, steaming of face to open up the pores for extraction.
Extraction was bearable, therapist was careful and handled my face with care.
 I didn’t feel any discomfort at all, just minimal pain on my acne areas.
After extraction, therapist applied Spider Web Golden Lifting Serum.
The unique formula contains 8 kinds of amino acids that nourish the skin and aid in the reduction of wrinkles and pigmentation.
The highlights of this treatment: Spider Gold Transforming Mask
A total cleansing mask which disposes impurities from skin; it also moisturises and firms the skin, thus minimising pores and improving skin elasticity.
It’s a thin sheet of film mask, therapist carefully layered the film mask on my face and leave it for 15-20 minutes.
Slowly I could feel the tightness on my skin, seems like the film mask did the effect of minimizing my pores and firming my skin.
The most amazing thing is, it’s not drying to skin at all, it’s moisturising and hydrating which allows my skin to look healthy and supple after used.  
The 10 amino acids help nourish skin and strengthen skin elasticity while the serine enzyme encourages the build-up of collagen, thus boosting the regeneration of skin cells.
And the last step, hydrating mask which catered for my combination dehydrated skin.
Spider Gold solution conditions and protects the skin from dryness. Its moisture locking capability has a resilient effect on the skin for up to 72 hours.

The whole facial treatment process took about 1.5hours, it’s one of the best facial treatment I have tried so far.
It does shown a significant improvement on my skin condition, especially my uneven skin tone and dark eyes area were improve tremendously.
For more information on Spider Gold Facial Treatment: http://www.expressions.com.sg/spider-gold-facial

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