[Review] THEFACESHOP CC Cushion

THEFACESHOP introduces a new lineup for cushion makeup, the CC Cushion.
These are an advanced new cushion that has the color control functions of CC Cream and the moisturising abilities of cushion foundation for long-lasting moisture without any tautness and radiance without any darkening.
The new ‘THEFACESHOP’s CC CUSHION’ comes in 2 types to cater different users.
CC Intense Cover Cushion: High coverage and long-lasting. Help users to achieve flawless and impeccable skin.
CC Ultra Moist Cushion: Provide radiance and brightening effect instantly. Keep skin moisturised and dewy up to 25 hours!
CC Intense Cover Cushion
My thoughts: Lightweight texture doesn’t makes skin feel heavy and sticky. 
Coverage is superb, I don’t have to use concealer for blemish scars and dark spots.
It’s non-drying and the long-lasting moisture effects help to keep my skin looking fresh for 1 whole day without touching up.
CC Ultra Moist Cushion
My thoughts: Creates an instant radiance and dewy effect after application. If you have dry skin, this CC Ultra Moist Cushion going to be perfect for you.
Compare to CC Intense Cover Cushion, I feel CC Ultra Moist Cushion texture is slightly heavier.
It will be more for dry skin type or to be use during cold weather / winter season.
I’m using V203 Natural Beige for both CC Intense Cover Cushion & CC Ultra Moist Cushion.
THEFACESHOP CC Cushion  applies ultra-low molecular hyaluronic acid that provides deep moisturizing and flower essential formula that contains 7 different flower oil essences for bright skin expression.
Retail Price: $29.90 each
Available at all THEFACESHOP outlets.

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