[Review] Biobell Treatment at Beauty Hope

Neck and shoulders ache, back muscles tension have been my concerns for all these years.
Salonpas became my best friend and I can’t live without them.
Working on my work desk on weekdays for 8 hours and weekends I need at least 4 hours on my laptop for my blog posts, my neck, shoulders and back pain get worsen each time.
I was introduced by Joselyn to Beauty Hope and tried out their signature body treatment Biobell.
I visited Beauty Hope at Waterloo Street last month and was warmly greeted by the Beauty Hope ladies.

Beauty Consultant Emerlyn did a detailed consultation with me, asking about my concerns.
I mentioned to her, the main issue of my body is poor blood circulation. So she suggested Biobell treatment to improve my blood circulation and Biobell can effectively helps to relieve my neck, shoulders and back tensions.
The therapist did a relaxing aromatherapy to calm my mind before getting start to the treatment. 
Biobell Treatment, using specially created silicone Biobell massage cups, this new form of massage draws from the ancient technique of cupping often used by traditional Chinese physicians, creating a suction contact with the skin and moving the cups around in sequences formulated to improve the blood circulation within the body.
My virgin experience of Biobell, I felt the whole treatment was quite painful but the after results was amazing. 
I will elaborate more later.
The Biobell massage focuses on opening up conduits of energy flow in the body known as Meridians. Five meridians located on the individual’s back, when opened, are the key to awakening the senses and instantly perking up a fatigued body overloaded with the stresses of everyday life.
Redness will occurred after a few round of cupping. I felt the most painful area will be my thighs and tummy. 
These areas have most fats and cellulite.
Far from stopping at merely relaxing the individual, the Biobell method also offers a multitude of benefits from aesthetics to internal bodily functions. Kiss the embarrassingly lumpy skin texture caused by cellulite goodbye as the cups stimulate a fresh flow of nutrient- rich blood that releases and clears toxins, resulting in tantalizingly smooth skin ready to be flaunted. Unsightly stretch marks and varicose veins are also reduced  in the process.
The throbbing pain in your joints from extended standing or sitting, or even that migraine from an influx of deadline can now cease as the partial vacuum in the cups work on the releasing the toxins and promotion of healthy blood circulation. Even digestive problems such as constipation are aided through the usage of these cups on the stomach to promote a peristalsis movement.
Few weeks after my Biobell treatment, I went for my full body massage, my masseuse was surprised that my muscles are not as intense as before and I don’t experience painfulness at all. I remembered the last time I went for massage was before Biobell treatment, I experienced a lot of pain due to poor blood circulation. Beauty Hope therapists are well-trained and experienced. No pain no gain, although the treatment makes me feel slight pain but the therapist do not give me any discomfort.

Thanks Beauty Hope and Gotideas for the amazing Biobell treatment which helps me to relieve tension on my back and improved my blood circulation.
 Beauty Hope also provides Facial treatment, their Gua Sha Facial Treatment was highly raved too!

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