[Review] Jergens Body Lotions – Improved formulation with HydraLucence blend technology

Jergens is the No. 1 Body Lotion Brand in USA
 Jergens has recently launched its new and improved range of body moisturizers that goes beyond moisturizing, giving your skin a beautiful, envious glow. 
Together with the refreshed new look, the range has been reformulated with a breakthrough HydralucenceTM blend that promises hydrated, luminous skin that lasts all day. 
Catering to the different skin needs, the new body moisturizer range comes in three variants- the Daily Moisture for visibly smoother skin, the Soothing Aloe for visibly more refreshed skin and the Ultra Healing for visibly healthier skin. 

Beyond basic skin hydration, the new formulation contains the HydralucenceTM blend that provides longerlasting hydration for visibly enhanced skin tone, texture, and luminosity. It also helps eliminate dullness and dryness by creating a continuous layer of moisture on your skin to prevent hydration loss. Its long-lasting luminosity effect stem from the microscopic serum droplets in the product that forms a shield on the skin, giving it a healthy glow. 96 per cent of the women who have tried these variants have experienced all-day skin luminosity.
Jergens – Daily Moisture
Daily Moisture variant contains silk proteins and citrus extracts to soothe and repair dry, rough skin. 
Key Ingredients: Silk Proteins + Citrus extracts 
Functions: Improves texture for visibly smoother skin 
Jergens – Soothing Aloe
Infused with pure, natural extracts, the Soothing Aloe variant contains Cucumber extract and pure Aloe Vera that revives dry skin, allowing it to appear visibly refreshed. 
Key Ingredients: Cucumber extract + Pure Aloe Vera 
Functions: Revives skin for visibly more refreshed skin.
Jergens – Ultra Healing
Sealed with goodness, the Ultra Healing variant contains Vitamin C, E & B5 that repairs and
nourish extra dry skin for a visibly healthier appearance. 
Key Ingredients: Vitamin C, E & B5 
Functions: Repairs skin for visibly healthier skin 
Reviews: The new Jergens improved formulation has 3 variants to cater your skin conditions and needs. Daily Moisture for your daily use to keep your skin moisturised and silky. 
After a day out under the Sun, Soothing Aloe is to save your sun-burned / dry skin. 
Having extra dry skin, or going to winter / cold country? Ultra healing is to repairs and nourish your dry skin. 
 I love the light texture of the lotions, its non-greasy, absorbed in seconds after application.
The fresh and clean scent makes me feel refreshed.
The new Jergens body lotions range comes in 400ml bottle packs, retailing at S$8.90 each 
at leading supermarkets, western pharmacies, and personal care stores

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