[Review] LUS Aqua Source Cream

Introducing LUS Aqua Source Cream, the latest product from The Skin Shop Singapore
LUS Aqua source Cream is a highly moisturizing cream keeping skin soft and silky by retaining moisture of the skin long enough, offering dual moisturizing effect to skin with water drops freshly popping up.

LUS Aqua Source Cream is a product from Korea and made in Korea.
Strengthen epidermal water system. 
Improve rough and scaly skin conditions.
Moisturizing cream forming moisture protection later on the dry skin.
How To Use:
At the last step of basic care, put proper amount on the entire face for moisturizing ingredients to be absorbed into skin and smoothly apply it from inside to outside for absorption
My Reviews: Water droplets form while you spread the LUS Aqua Source Cream on your skin. 
Skin absorbed the moisturizing cream within seconds, effectively moisturizes the skin and gives you a dewy effects. Suitable for dehydrated and combination skin.
LUS Aqua Source Cream (1.76 oz) is available http://www.theskinshop.sg/ 
Price: $39.90 incl. tax.

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