[Review] Asience Treatment Hair Mask

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Thanks Sample Store for delivering the new Asience Treatment Hair Mask to my doorstep.

The NEW Asience Treatment Hair Mask allows your hair feels silky smooth for up to 96 hours in just 
5 minutes! 

Asian Beauty Essences leaf ensure that hair is sufficiently hydrated and moisturized: Pearl, shell ginger leaf, Korean ginseng, Lotus, camellia oil, and Aloe essence.
Relaxing oriental fragrances formulated with Ginger, Ylang-Ylang, Menthe – gives you an enjoyable spa-like experience! 
Tested and Proven on my Hair!
Before using Asience Treatment Hair Mask:
My hair is quite damaged due to Rebonding and Dying of Hair Colour.
I do have some splits ends!
 Dry and Frizzy Hair.
• After shampooing, squeeze water out of hair.
• Apply product liberally on hair, starting from the mid-section to the ends of hair.
• Leave product on for 5 minutes; wash off thoroughly and dry hair.
• Use once a week for best results.
After using Asience Treatment Hair Mask:
No more frizzy hair! My hair becomes softer, smoother and shine!
It’s more manageable too!
* All the pictures of my hair were unedited and no filter.
Beauty Tips:
Feel before rinsing
– Pick a small bundle of hair with your thumb, index finger and middle finger.
– Slide your fingers through the ends a few times.
– When hair no longer feels rough, its time to rinse off.
You may now redeem a FREE sample of Asience Treatment Hair Mask,
ASIENCE Intensive Treatment Hair Mask is available from June 2014 at selected hypermarkets, supermarkets and pharmacies.
 Retail Price: S$18.90, 180g

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