Fun Time in Seoul – Day 4 [19 July 2013]

It’s the day we have been waiting for! High School Musical Day! 

Ryeowook’s 1st show was in the evening, so before heading to the theater, we continued our cafe hopping in the day then move on to the Musical in the evening.
Had our breakfast at Super Junior Eunhyuk’s Mom’s Bakery Tous Les Jours at Guro Digital Complex.
Tous Les Jours is a bakery chain which you can see their bakeries around Seoul City, Eunhyuk bought the franchise for his Mom and their franchise Tous Les Jours outlet is located in the business district area located near Guro Digital Complex. We walked quite long to reach there, around 15-20 mins walk from Guro Digital Complex Station. For more details on the route, do read on.
There’s a small corner at the back of the bakery with a few tables and chairs which can accommodate around 4 groups of 4 customers.
When we reached TLJ there wasn’t many customers, we were lucky to get a table inside the bakery.

Eunhyuk’s wall of fame.

There’s a message board on the wall for fans to leave message to Eunhyuk.

My breakfast! Ham & Egg Mayo Sandwich.

How can we miss out Binsu during Summer! Mango Binsu! Yums~

Super Junior Eunhyuk’s Mom’s Bakery Tous Les Jours 
Address: 서울시 구로구 구로3동 235-2번지 에이스 하이엔드타워 1차 B105 뚜레쥬르 구로하이엔드점
Directions: Subway line #2: Guro Digital Complex station, Exit #3 – Walk straight & turn left at the first main street. Cross 3 major intersections and look for the Ace Highend Tower building on your left. Tous les Jours is located on the first floor at the left corner of the building.
Subway line #7: Namguro station, Exit #2 – Walk straight till the road ends. It ends right at Ace Highend Tower. Cross the street and Tous les Jours is located on the first floor at the left corner of the building.
(Info credits to:

After TLJ we took a train to Hongdae to continue our cafe hopping at Hongdae Area.
Bau House – Dogs Cafe
It’s my 2nd time here!

Doggies are friendly and adorable!
There are 2 areas in the cafe, area next to the entrance is with small and medium size dogs and the larger area is with the large dogs.

Bau House new location is so much more convenient and accessible.
It’s now located in a building right outside Hapjeong station (between exit #3 and #4).
Just 1- 2 mins walk!
Address: 394-44 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul. (Je-il Building, rear entrance, 1st floor)
After playing with the dogs, we moved on to Hongdae (Hongki Uni Staiton) with is just 1 station away from Hapjeong.
Walked around Hongdae shopping streets, hope to shop more. Unfortunately, nothing caught our eyes.
Spotted Kyochon Chicken at Hongdae, and decided to have our late lunch there!
Honey Wings! Must TRY!
This was the SJ picnic mat I was talking about in the previous post: Fun Time in Seoul – Day 2 [17 July 2013]
Apgujung outlet refused to let us redeem it for Free after spending 18, 000 won. 
And guess what Hongdae outlet gave it to us free when we paid for the bill. It’s obvious that the Apgujung outlet trying to con fans money by charging the free picnic mat 20, 000 won even though we spent 18, 000 won and above.
 After our late lunch, its almost time for High School Musical.
It’s my 3rd time watching Musical in Seoul! My 1st musical was “Catch Me If You Can”: My First Musical Experience in Seoul! 120403 “Catch Me If You Can” & 2nd musical was “Jack the Ripper”: Fun Time in Seoul – Day 2 [17 July 2013]

Ryeowook’s 1st show!
Spotted Shindong in the theater. Other SJ members, Donghae, Eunhyuk & Kangin also turned up to support Ryewook! They were seated the same row as me but I was far at the other end.. 🙁
The stage!
We can’t take any photos throughout the whole performance, the staff will confiscate the camera. The only time we can snap as much as we could was during the curtain call time. 

F(x) Luna was the Female lead for the show.
Ryeowook as Troy and  Luna as Gabriella.

We got another show of HSM to watch before we head back to SG 2 days later.
Supper, I bought it from 7-11 below the hotel we stayed.
Instant Tteokbokki.

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