[Review] Sexy Look Micro Inject Series (Rice Extract Micro Inject Mask)

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Sexy Look introduces Sexy Look Micro Inject Series Mirco Inject Mask.
The Latest Technology in Japan – Double penetration effect with skin friendly natural fibre and precise ergonomic design, too! Unique hydronet helps pump up skin to look younger and healthier.

Thanks Sexylook for sending me The Rice Extract Micro Inject Mask for review.
Specially formulated with rice, yeast and sake kasu extract for deep whitening and skin reviving. It helps to boost skin’s youthfulness, reduces the appearance of fine line, keeping skin energized.
Remove the blue and white sheet, the thin layer of pure cotton mask is protected in between.
Micro-Penetration High Performance
High density double microvia invincible mask sheet with high adhesion power enhances the absorption and penetration of essence – double the effectiveness.

– Moisture up your skin
– Safety assured
– Invincible cotton
– Natural Ingredients
– No Paraben
– Complete coverage
My Review: The thin layer of cotton mask makes me feel comfortable and its securely attached to my skin.
Leave it on my face for 15-20 mins, removed it I can feel my skin is fully moisturized and brighten up my dull looking skin. Very gentle to skin, totally no stinging feel for me. 
Sexy Look Micro Inject Series comes with 3 types of mask to cater different skin types.
You can get yours now at http://www.secretive.sg/ for $3.50 per piece.

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