[Event] TALIKA unveils its latest technological miracle: the Light Duo +

Earlier of the month I was invited to Talika Light Duo + Product Launch at Forlino One Fullerton.
Equipped with avant-garde “zero-button” technology and a vibrating recognition system, LIGHT DUO+® is completely independent and fitted with a timer. It is activated automatically on contact with the skin, and works with the selected treatment. It stops when the treatment is complete.

Actions of LIGHT DUO+®

  •  Helps to smooth wrinkles, even in-depth
  •  Replumps the skin
  • Illuminates the complexion
  • Restores radiance
  • Increases the penetration of active ingredients

Event starts off with the introduction of Light Duo + by Talika personnel.
More info about Talika Light:
For several years Talika has been exploring the secrets and virtues of light from discoveries made by Nasa in the 1970’s.
In 2008, light revealed its 1st secret: each light wavelength has specific healing properties on the skin.Thanks to this technological discovery, Talika launched the 1st cosmetic revolution and created Light Therapy.
And Talika makes this revolutionary technology accessible to the general public thanks to mobile LED appliances: Lights.
► LIGHT 590® (collagen synthesis stimulator: -32% wrinkles in 28 days / 45 seconds per day*).
► LIGHT 525® (skin lightener: -46% dark spots in 28 days / 2 mins per day*).
► LIGHT DUO®, a combination of LIGHT 590® and LIGHT 525® combining both, anti-aging and
anti-dark spot.
Talika has created and developed a multi-action skincare technology to combat the signs of time on all fronts: LIGHT DUO+®, the new Talika Light, to act on deep wrinkles and dark spots while soothing the skin.
It restores the skin’s “self-defence” weapons. It sends messages to the cell, which help to reactivate its original “intelligence”. The cell is therefore fully recharged with life and energy! Talika has again, pushed the limits of cosmetics and opened up the way to a “High-Tech Home Treatment” approach to younger-looking skin. For the first time, Talika combines a powerful anti-aging multi-program light into one single device.
Each wavelength is absorbed by the skin and reaches different layers of cells (and blood capillaries):
525 nm ► Melanocytes: anti-dark spots.
590 nm ► Fibroblasts: anti-aging, anti-wrinkle.
630 nm ► Fibroblasts, keratinocytes, blood capillaries: anti-redness.
LIGHT DUO+®’s wavelengths therefore contribute to regulating several epidermal and dermal cells.
630 nm wavelength: ANTI-REDNESS / SOOTHING
Reduces pro-inflammatory cytokine production in 1 min per day
-66% REDNESS instantly*

590 nm wavelength: ANTI-WRINKLE
Reactivates collagen and elastin synthesis in 45 seconds per day
-32% WRINKLES in 28 days*

Regulates melanin production in 2 mins per day
-46% DARK SPOTS in 60 days*
Ionotherapy, effectiveness booster
LIGHT DUO+® is also fitted with an ionotherapy function, which helps to create a temporary state of
permeability in order to “open” the cell wall, allowing the cells to open up and receive the active
I’ve enjoyed the night with great company!
Thanks Talika for the awesome goodies bag,
And not forgetting Mag, Thanks for the invites!
Light DUO+® is now available at Metro for $575 comes with 1 year international warranty upon purchase (device only).Warranty card included in packaging.
For more info about Light DUO+® visit:

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