Super Show 5 in Singapore [06 July 2013]

This is a long over due blog post, I should have blog about it before I went to Super Show 5 in Taipei but due to my packed schedule, I can only blog this after I came back from Taipei.

Super Show 5 was held in Singapore Indoor Stadium on 06 July 2013, 6pm. This was Super Junior 3rd time having their Super Show in Singapore. 
The last Super Show was Super Show 4 held on 18 & 19 Feb 2012, can refer back to my blog post here:
This SS5 Singapore caused quite a few hiccups before and after the concert, which lead Singapore ELF some disappointment. 
When the organizer announced that SS5 going to be in Singapore this July, SG ELF was excited about it. And they also mentioned that SS5 going to have 2 days of performances! They always have 2 days performances since SS3, definitely there will be 2 days performances for this SS5.
But when the organizer released the ticketing news, they only announced the sales of concert tickets for Day 1 (6 July), no news for Day 2 (7 July). We thought that they will release the ticketing info for Day 2, after the Day 1 public sales day. But who knows, they suddenly announced that Day 2 performance was cancelled! Only 1 day of SS5 in Singapore. Quite a number of SG ELF were very pissed and disappointed with the sudden news. Why last minute they cancelled SS5 Day 2??
When I went to the pre-order event for SS5 official merchandises, the staff told me its due the artists’ schedule, they have to call off the second day. So if its really due to artists’ busy schedule, then we got no choice to accept it.
Finally the day we have waited for is here, Super Show 5 in Singapore on 06 July 2013.
Kangin finally back on the Super Show stage after release from army!

Super Heroes cosplay segment.
Eunhyuk as Wolverine, Ryeowook as Spiderman.
Kangin as Thor, Zhoumi as Woody, Kyuhyun as Loki, Donghae as Ironman and Sungmin as Wang Fei Hong.
Ironman Dongahe 🙂

Donghae checking on Henry’s torn pants. LOL!
The boys put in a lot of effort in the Super Show, what makes us most heart broken was they keep on mentioning why SG SS5 has only 1 day performance? They thought SG ELF no longer love them and support them. Kyuhyun did mention that in future they may have a smaller scale of concert in Singapore. 
The boys thought that the ticket sales wasn’t good enough to have 2 days concert but this is not the truth! We have no idea what the organizer told them what is the reason of cancelling the day 2 concert but we definitely want Day 2 SS5 so badly! 
Many SG ELF commented in organizer’s Facebook page asking for Day 2!
Cancelling of Day 2 concert already made us blood boils and guess what? They not going to have SM Stamp booth for SS5 SG!! This made SG ELF more mad! Every SS5 in each countries has the SM Stamp booth why not Singapore?? Why SM and the organizer leave us out?
At the end of the concert, Eunhyuk suddenly came out and gave a speech to all the ELF.
It’s about the Super Junior-M Zhoumi & Henry petition issue.
It’s so heart broken to see him speaking up alone at the stage on this sensitive issue. And I really hope all the stupid petition will end and stop giving the boys so many troubles. They knew what’s happening between ELF.

No matter what I wanna Thank the boys for the great performance in Singapore, although Singapore is a small county, Indoor stadium can only hold 6k audiences but we hope SJ won’t neglect us and continue to come Singapore for more Super Shows in future. 
I will update about Super Show 5 in Taipei soon! So stay tune!

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