[Review] Liese Bubble Hair Color Jewel Pink

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Liese Bubble Hair Color is my favorite Hair Color Dye of all brands… I have been using Liese Bubble Hair Color since Liese launched the Hair Dye in Singapore.

Thanks Liese for sponsoring me the Jewel Pink Bubble Hair Color.
Lovely package came with real rose and a pink head band!

I’m going to help my sister to dye her hair using Liese Bubble Hair Color – Jewel Pink.
I have been telling her how awesome the product is, super easy to use, you can dye it yourself without any help from people!
Items inside the box!
Include gloves and treatment for after dye care!
Pour the hair dye into the bottle and gently shake it.
Steps are very easy! Dispense the foam, apply evenly on your dry hair and massage. 
Just like shampooing!
Video on How to use Liese Bubble Hair Color
I used a shower cap on my sister’s hair to prevent the messiness while leaving the foam on the hair for 20-30 minutes.
Finish by shampooing your hair and the rinse-off treatment provided in the box.
Before and After using  Liese Bubble Hair Color
My sister has very black hair, she may need to use a lighter tone in order to have obvious hair color.
The After picture was taken under the sunlight.

Tips: After shampoo and the rinse-off treatment, do use your own rinse-off conditioner / hair treatment again before towel dry your hair. Hair Dye can cause your hair to be very dry, using the conditioner again is to prevent dryness and soften your hair.

 Liese Bubble Hair Color List
Liese Bubble Hair Color is available at all leading pharmacies and selected supermarkets for $19.90 only!

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