Levi’s® 501 Interpretation Event @ ION Orchard

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Attended the Levi’s® 501 Interpretation Event at ION Orchard yesterday. 

Thanks omy.sg for the invitation and giving us the opportunity to have a exclusive photo session with the guest celebrities (Yahui, Felicia Chin, Ian Fang & Tosh Zhang).

Event started slightly after 2pm, host of the event Ivy from YES 93.3FM together with the celebrities Ya Hui, Felicia Chin, Tosh Zhang & Ian Fang!
4 of them all dressed up with Levi’s® 501 Jeans series and Levi’s® apparel! 

Each of them explaining their outfit and their style for the event. Felicia Chin’s top was actually a man’s shirt, she  turned it into a female toga top, really creative!
For myself, I prefer Ya Hui’s rocker, causal style, really love her orange jeans. Her dressing match well with her blonde hair.
First game session with the fans.
Group photo with the lucky fans who took part in the game session.
Next up, highlights of the event: the celebrities have to dress up four 8 Days Shirtless Guys with Levi’s® Apparel!
Started off with Felicia Chin and her shirtless guy.
The most popular team: Ya Hui and the winner of 8 Days Shirtless Guy 2012, Nick Teo.
Tosh did a small part of break dance and proven that Levi’s® 501 Jeans is definitely comfortable for dancing! 
Ya Hui, Felicia Chin, Tosh Zhang & Ian Fang together with their Shirtless Guys all dressed up with Levi’s® Apparel. 
Audience got to choose their favorite style and use the voting stickers to vote for them. 
Staff were busying counting the stickers on them. 
And the winner goes to …….
Ya Hui’s Team! 
Ya Hui picking out 1 lucky audience from Nick Teo’s shirt. The winner will walk away the whole Levi’s® outfit on  Nick Teo.
Group photo of the celebrities and lucky winners.
Event ended with a group photo of  Ivy and the 4 celebrities (Ya Hui, Felicia Chin, Tosh Zhang & Ian Fang).
To celebrate 140 years of the Ionic Levi’s® Jeans, Levi’s® is showcasing 501® style from around the world, do visit http://levis501.com.sg/ for more information!
And don’t forget to drop by Levi’s® Stores to get yourself a pair of  501® Jeans!

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