Beautiful Autumn in Korea – Day 2 [28 Oct 2012]

I’m back to update my 2nd day of my Korea Trip!!
Day 2 of our trip is a fruitful day for us! We get to visit a few really cozy & unique cafes in Seoul, shopping in Myeongdong & Dongdaemun and ended our day with yummy Korean BBQ!

I’m glad that we managed to cover almost all the Cafes I stated in my blog post previously:
Plan Your Trip to Korea [Part 3] Cafes in Seoul

Our first Cafe of the day, Miss Lee Cafe!
Miss Lee Cafe is located in Insadong Area, near Angku Station, Exit 6!

Here’s Miss Lee! 

Look at the Notes hanging around the Cafe!
Write a note and hang it!
We ordered the famous tin lunch box! The correct way to eat the lunch box is to shake it before open the cover! We didn’t know that! Only till my BFF posted the pic on FB, her friend commented that we have to shake it before eat!

It’s really yummy! Must Try!
Exterior of Miss Lee Cafe! I will be back again when I go Seoul!

After our yummy breakfast at Miss Lee Cafe, we had a walk in the lovely streets of Insadong.

Directory of Insadong!
You can see lots of Tea Houses and Cafes in Insadong!

After the walk in Insadong, I brought my BFF to a O´sulloc Tea House for a break!
I’ve been here during my last Seoul Trip (Mar’12), their Green Tea Tiramisu is a must-try!

Look at the beautiful trees! Only during Autumn!
We are heading to Samcheong-dong! Street leading to Samcheong-dong! 
Samcheong-dong is 15 mins walk away from Angku Station Exit 1.
It’s a beautiful place where you can find lots of unique cafes!
Cat Theme Cafe!
Kiehl’s Outlet in Samcheong-dong! 
We really love the Homestead Coffee Cafe in Samcheong-dong! 
Beautiful, Fresh flowers!

Must take picture!!
And finally we found Luden Loquen Space 루덴로켄 in Samcheong-dong!
This is the must-go Cafe which my BFF recommended!
The Bukchon Hanok style of building really attracts us!
We had a table in their backyard, outdoor!
Enjoy the cooling breeze with our ice-cream & tea!

I love the Tea Pot!

With my lovely BFF!

Ate this really spicy Topokki (떡볶이) before we leave Samcheong-dong! It’s really spicy! 
We couldn’t finish the whole plate!

After our cafes hopping in Insadong and Samcheong-dong, it’s time for SHOPPING!
We headed to Myeongdong in the late afternoon and start our shopping spree!!
SPAO Outlet with huge Super Junior Poster!
Too bad, SPAO was closed on that day! T.T 
I have to go back another day!

After Myeongdong, we headed to Dongdaemun for late night shopping!
Do you know that we can rent lockers in various Subway stations? 
We do not want to carry our heavy loots while shopping in Dongdaemun, so we kept all our loots in the Dongdaemun Subway Station Locker!
• Fees
  – Small lockers: ₩2,000 
  – Medium lockers: ₩3,000
• Fees are charged every four hours up to 12 hours, after which fees are charged once every 12 hours. 
• Accepted forms of payment: T-Money Card (electronic transit card), credit cards, cash
• Near Exit #14, Dongdaemun Station 
Awesome idea isn’t it?
We need to catch the last subway so we ended our shopping in Dongdaemun around 11pm+
Before catching the last train we ate our late dinner at Kang Ho Dong’s BBQ Joint in Dongdaemun!
My friend brought me there before during our Mar’12 Seoul Trip so this time I have to bring my BFF there and try out the Yummy BBQ meats! 

Do stay tune for my Jeju Trip Post! 😀

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