ZA Cosmetics x Les Affaires Beauty Affair ♥

ZA Cosmetics x Les Affaires Beauty Affair workshop was organised by ZA &  Les Affaires introducing their new range of products and sleep wear!

Its not just a preview event of their new range, its also a makeup workshop which conducted by ZA makeup artist! We got to try out ZA skin care and cosmetics after MUA show us the demonstration.

Make up kit provided for each participant
ZA personnel introducing their new range of  lip gloss named Lip Drops.
10 new shades for us to choose from. We will get kissable lips after applied!

Introducing ZA new range of lip glosses!
 NEW! 10 colors for you to choose from!!

Next up, designer of Les Affaires Sleep wear teaching us how to turn sleep wear to day wear!
MUA explaining to us the steps of putting on our makeup!
It’s me! after applied ZA Makeup!
Love their new Lip Drops! After applied it, makes my lips color so pinky and natural..
Very long lasting and moisturize my lips as well!
At the end of the workshop, we got to choose our favorite type of guy to take picture at the photo booth ZA prepared for us!
I’m so excited when they took out Siwon Standee! How can I miss the chance to take picture with “him”!
One more close-up picture with Siwon! ♥ ♥ ㅋㅋㅋ

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