[Sponsored Review] SANA Super Quick Gel Pencil Liner Ex

Sponsored Review

Thanks SANA for choosing me as their sampler again for the Super Quick Gel Pencil Liner Ex!

I received the Gel Pencil Liner in my mail box last Friday and can’t wait to try it out!!!

I’m a Gel Liner lover, I’ve tried pencil and liquid liner in the past but these were not as effective as Gel Liner..
Gel Liner enables me to draw my liner more define, darker and fast!
I don’t have to keep drawing my liner for 3-4 times, with Gel Liner just 2 times will do!

SANA Super Quick Gel Pencil Liner Ex is in pencil form, not like the current Gel liner I’m using is in a small tub and has to draw it with a brush..

To my surprise, Gel Pencil Liner able to bring out the same effect of my current Gel Liner, with this liner pencil its actually save my time from getting the gel from the tub and its so slim that super convenient to bring it out with you! Save much more space in your makeup pouch!

Trying out the Gel Liner!
The thickness of the liner is just nice for my eyes… 

 Sorry for the unclear picture..
I took a picture at the end of the day after using SANA Super Quick Gel Pencil Liner Ex.
And its smudge proof!! My liner still stays on for the whole day!!
Please ignore my oily forehead and focus on the liner!
Despite me having a oily skin, the liner still stays on nicely for the whole day without smudging!
Isn’t it fabulous???

Once again, A very BIG Thank to SANA for choosing me as a sampler of your product again!
Hope to work with you again for the upcoming sampling program..

For more info about SANA Super Quick Gel Pencil Liner Ex, do visit:
SANA Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/Sana.Singapore)

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