[Sponsored Review] The Skin Shop

Sponsored Review

Hey Hi! Everyone!
Have you gals heard of The Skin Shop??

2AM? Yes! They are the Korean Boy Group 2AM!
They have endorsed The Skin Shop, which is the beauty store in Korea and now they are HERE in Singapore!! YAY!!

You gals should know that I’m a Korea Lover!
I love go to Korea for travel, I love Kpop!, I love Korean guys and of course Korean beauty products!
And now The Skin Shop finally arrived Singapore, how can I miss it!

So now I’m going to review 3 of their products, take a look at the awesome outcome of these amazing products!

1. BB Mineral Powder

Totally in love with this BB Mineral Powder, it makes my makeup look so natural.
Now I’m going to show you step by step how to have a natural look using BB Mineral Powder.

My bare face! 
1st Step: Apply Primer
 2nd Step: Conceal my scars & freckles

 3rd Step: Foundation!
4th Step: Finish up your face with The Skin Shop BB Mineral Powder! 
Ta Da~ 
And guess what! The Skin Shop BB Mineral Powder able to hold my makeup the whole day! 
And it will not make my skin oily! 

2. Premium Secret Snail Vital Mucin Cream
Return back time of your skin!

Point 1: Prevent Irritation to the skin
Lessen irritation! Olives extract helps in preventing skin irritation. It removes the oil that covering our pores.

Point 2: Heightened regeneration speed
Skin cell regeneration increased! With the snail extract of 90% in this product it boost skin regeneration process. Nano-liposome contributes in going deeper into the skin.
Point 3: Trouble Care
Skin trouble care! It relaxes skin to lessen irritation and gives more care to all skin troubles such as acnes, scars, wrinkle.
I’ve tried it for 5 days and it really produced amazing results!
See it for yourself!
My skin becomes brighten, scars lightens and even my pores are smaller now!
3. Mineral Ampoule Mask Pack
Mask! My favourite skin care products of all! I’m a mask lover! I have over 80 pieces masks in my cupboard! Can you believe that?
I have to do mask at least once a week and it became a routine for me. 
The Skin Shop Mineral Ampoule Mask Pack is one of the best mask I’ve tried.
It won’t sting my skin, this is very important to me! I hate mask that sting my skin and the burning feeling makes me can’t use it for even 10 seconds. 
BUT The Skin Shop Mineral Ampoule Mask Pack do not have this problem at all! After I placed on my face, I don’t have the stinging feeling and makes me feel so cooling and comfortable!
Totally love it!
After 20 mins, took the mask off and woo~ can you see how hydrating and radiant my face is!
Now where to buy The Skin Shop products??
You can either visit their store at 
Parco UMart
Millenia Walk 2nd Floor (Next to Promenade MRT)
9 Raffles Boulevard
039596 Singapore
Shop online!
For more info please visit their website http://www.theskinshop.sg/ and 

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