Panasonic Inspiring Always Workshops (Photography) & Shine Festival Cosmo Youth Parade (30 June 12)

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Last Saturday, I attended Panasonic Inspiring Always Photography Workshop organised by Panasonic and

The photography workshop was conducted by our local photographer Bob Lee.
During the workshop, he shared with us his experiences in photography, explaining different type of photography skills, angles taking, shuttle speed and etc..

 (Photo taken by my Olympus XZ-1)

After sharing with us his photos, skills and experiences, we go for a short break and prepare to head to Ngee Ann City for the Shine Festival Cosmo Youth Parade for photo-taking session!

Attendees of this workshop will get to loan a set of Panasonic Lumix GF5 camera and we got to use it to take photos for the Cosmo Youth Parade which was held after the workshop.
Panasonic Lumix GF5 comes with 5 different colours. 

The set I got it was Black!

 (Photo taken by my Olympus XZ-1)
My pass for Shine Festival! I’m a photographer eh!
We were given a Panasonic Tee to wear during the event too..
(Photo taken by my Olympus XZ-1)

We were here at Ngee Ann City! Shine Festival Cosmo Youth Parade 2012!
All these photos were taken by me using Panansonic Lumix GF5. 
Game booths at outside Ngee Ann City!

Miranda, she’s from the videography workshop! And she got to loan a set of camcorder too!
And Damian (Uncle Teh Peng), he’s one of my partner during parade!

Me me me! Found a good spot! While waiting for the parade to start!
Parade Started!


Totally in love with this camera Panansonic Lumix GF5! 
All the pictures were so well-taken.. I’m so proud of myself! LOL! 
Although its not as good as the professional photographers but consider not bad already for a noob!

Met Regine during the parade~

(Photo credited to Regine)
After the parade, back to classroom! And start camwhoring!
Me & Uncle Teh Peng!
 Me & Cookie from videography workshop!
My another partner during the parade, Eileen!


At the end of the workshops, a group of 5 bloggers from each workshop, photography & videography (total of 10 bloggers in total) will be selected and given media passes to attend ALL SHINE events for the month of July! And also be loaned with a Panasonic camera or camcorder each.

These bloggers will be competing for the the honour of Best SHINE Photographer and Best SHINE Videographer 2012. The former will walk away with a newly launched Panasonic GF5 camera while the latter will get the sleek, trendy Panasonic HX-WA20 camcorder! 

And guess what??? To my surprise, I’m one of the selected blogger of the photography category!!
Couldn’t believe that! I always thought that my photography skills sucks to the max! Never thought I will be selected!

Here’s my 1 month loan set of Panasonic GF5, its Black again!

I’m going to work very hard for this competition, put in effort and hopefully I can win myself a brand new set of Panasonic GF5! I want the PINK set!

Do look out for my Shine Festival Events Blog Posts!
Wish me luck ok??

Lastly, I wanna thank Panasonic for loaning us the awesome camera Panasonic GF5 and for organising this fabulous workshop!

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