How to gently remove your eye makeup?

A few of my friends told me that they really hate to put on eye makeup, it’s because removing of eye makeup always make their eyes hurt!

So now, I’m going to let you all know my way of removing eye makeup gently.

Firstly, you have you use a eye makeup remover.
It’s a must! Eye makeup remover will effectively remove your eye makeup easily.
I’m using Etude House eye makeup remover, cheap and good! Never sting my eyes and very gentle!
Eye makeup remover usually in 2 layers, oil base on top (blue solution) & water remover below.

1. Shake well and pour some remover onto the cotton pad.
2. Place the cotton pad on your eyes and wait for 10 seconds to allow your eye makeup melts on the cotton pad. 
3. After 10 seconds, gently press your cotton pad and gently swipe the cotton pad downwards.
Why downwards not any other way? 
Swipe downwards is to prevent our eye lashes drop off while removing the makeup.
You don’t have to press hard onto your eye, apply a little force and swipe it down will do.
Repeat this step 2 times or 3 times by changing sides of the cotton.
And all the makeup on the cotton pad!
Eye liner, eye shadow and even water-proof mascara being removed cleanly!
After removed my eye makeup, I will use cleansing oil to remove my face makeup.
To make sure my eye makeup totally remove, I will briefly go through my eyes with the cleansing oil.
Lastly, wash my face with my facial foam to cleanse off the oil.
Hope my tutorial will help people with problems of removing their eye makeup.

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