Korean Drama Addiction

I’m very picky in drama and I will get sick of the drama if the story line move too slow or too boring!
So far these are the few Korean dramas I managed to complete all the episodes..
1. You’re Beautiful
2. Baker King
3. City Hunter
Yes only 3 Korean Dramas.. I’m a very impatient kind of person.. If the drama couldn’t catch my attention, I won’t sit back and complete the whole drama..
Even the highly raved drama Secret Garden I didn’t watch the full episodes it wasn’t my liking..
Stopped halfway..

Recently there’s a few new Korean dramas being released.. And caught my attention..

Love Rain 사랑비 acted by Jang Geun Suk & Yoona (SNSD) & The King 2 Hearts 더킹2Hearts acted by Lee Seung Gi & Ha Ji Won
I watched both drama and I stopped, only watched the first few episodes..
Love Rain Story move too slow for person like me so impatient, I can’t sit down and watch the whole drama.. So I didn’t continue after my 2nd episode.
The King 2 Hearts first episode is quite interesting though but after the 3rd episode I being to feel bored..I have no interest to continue..
Its my personal opinion… I don’t want to be spoiler and reveal the story line here.. If you all interested may go PPS to watch the Drama or read up in Wiki..

The next 2 Dramas, I’m going to HIGHLY RECOMMEND to my readers!
1. Fashion King 패션왕 acted by Yoo Ah-in, Shin Se-kyung, Kwon Yuri (SNSD) & Lee Je-Hoon

I’ve been catching every episodes every week! Never fail to watch each episode..
When I take train everyday I can see peoples’ ipad and phone are playing Fashion King too! 
I love Lee Je-Hoon instead of the main male lead Yoo Ah-in.. I think he’s cuter!
Lots of nice clothes in the drama!! 
Do go and catch the drama I’m sure you will like it! Lots of eye candies for guys and gals!!

2. Rooftop Prince 옥탑방 왕세자 acted by Micky Yoochun (JYJ) & Han Ji-min

This drama makes me stay at home over the weekend and watched 18 episodes in 2 days!!!
Totally addicted to this drama.. Micky in this drama really attractive!!! I being to love him more! Starting of the show can be really hilarious and slowly the story goes by, it can be mysterious & exciting, 
I love this drama a lot! I can say its better than Fashion King..
If you don’t have time for Drama I would say you can go for Rooftop Prince first then Fashion King..

Both Fashion King & Rooftop Prince will air their last 2 episodes.. I can’t wait to watch both!
Both Drama can be found in PPS too! 😀

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