Korea Trip – Seoul Day 5 (02 April 12)

I’m back to continue updating about my Korea Trip…
Have been really busy busy last 2 weeks! For the past 2 weekends I didn’t rest at all! I need to work hard & earn more for my next short Korea trip on 26 – 28 May! SS4 Encore in Seoul! Super excited! I can’t wait to be there again!

Back to the topic! Day 5 of my trip, we headed to Lotte World!! We are pretty excited about the theme park!
But when we reached there we were super disappointed! T.T Its not as big as we expected! We should have go Everland! Lotte World rides are kind of old and limited~ I would say our Singapore Universal Studio is much more better than Lotte World..
I didn’t really play much rides in Lotte World, I only managed to play their indoor roller coaster, wave rides and pirate ship! Oh ya their 3D haunted house is lousy to the max!
Well, I would say I prefer SG USS rides~
So if you guys want to go theme park in Korea, you may wish to go Everland instead..

We left Lotte World around 3pm+ had our late lunch at Pizza Hut there and head to the Cafe Aritaum to see the beautiful scenery of Han River… But the weather was not good! It was raining the whole late afternoon till late night.. When we reach the subway station we don’t really know where is the actual location. We asked a few of their locals they drew a map for us, we walked round and round we still couldn’t find Cafe Aritaum.. One of the local even direct us to the wrong outlet.. T.T It was raining, the weather was like super wet and cold! We got to carry the umbrella walked round and round the same area for around 1 hour plus we still couldn’t find the Cafe.. In the end, we gave up and took a cab there.. The cab driver told us the Cafe is just up on the expressway! We can reach there by walking for like 3 minutes! But we gave up, due to the super cold weather, we requested the cab driver to drive us there even though it will be a longer route for car to reach there.. We split up into 2 cabs, our cab managed to bring us there but another cab didn’t know the way.
So I got the helpful staff in the Cafe to speak to the cab driver and direct him there.. Thank God, all of us safely reach the Cafe and enjoy the coffee and cakes..
Its really hard to communicate with the Koreans especially they don’t understand English and we don’t understand Korean.. For them to direct us the way, was like a chicken and duck talking to each other..
You may read up this article about Cafe Aritaum
Due to the rainy weather, the laser lights of Han River wasn’t operate.. Its kind of disappointment..

After rested for around 1 hour in the Cafe, I would need to rush down to KBS Building for Super Junior Kiss The Radio “Sukira” recording..
We got to split our way too cause some of my friends are not interested with SJ.. So we splited into 2 groups.. 1 to Dongdaemun shopping another group followed me to KBS Building for KTR..
That week only 02 April 12 (Monday) has Bora, its wasn’t in my plan to go KTR recording on that day.. But they need to head to Paris SS4 earlier so they only can have Bora on Monday..
Lucky Lotte World ended early and I could make a trip down for the recording…
When I reached there around 10.30pm outside was around crowded by ELF. Most of the ELF were from overseas, Japanese, Chinese, Arab etc..
I’m lucky to have my friends around, they helped me by taking pictures with their semi-pro camera and 1 of my friend even took a stool for me to stand on it so I could have a better view of Ryeowook and Sungmin!
You may read up my previous post about my experience to KTR recording 🙂
120402 – Kiss The Radio (Sukira) Bora

I didn’t managed to watch finish the whole recording, watched for around 1 hour, we headed to nearby fried chicken store for our late dinner!
Thanks my friends who accompanied me to KBS for KTR recording even though the weather was bad, you know who you are 🙂

Next up! Hanbok experiences + “Catch Me If You Can” Musical 😀

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