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When I first got my new home, my husband and I were very clueless to use which type of cleaning aids to clean our home. Whenever we stepped into supermarkets and see shelves of cleaning products we were totally lost. Until my friend who works in a cleaning company highly recommend us to use Magiclean products. As a first time home owner, I wanted to keep every corner of my house clean and sparkle. So we bought almost every magiclean products, from cleaning of dust, to floor cleaner to toilet and kitchen cleaning solutions. It’s the best choice ever!

When Sample Store and Magiclean asked me for collaboration, I’m more than happy to share my genuine reviews of Magiclean products.

These are the 5 amazing products inside Magiclean The Spotless Kit. I’m a current user of these 5 products and familiar with it.

🌷 Magiclean Bathroom & Toilet Trigger
🌷 Magiclean Kitchen Cleaner Refreshing Lime Trigger
🌷 Magiclean Pipe & Sink Cleaner
🌷 Magiclean Daily Care Toilet Foam Spray Trigger
🌷Magiclean Wiper Handy Duster Extendable

There’s too much to share about Magiclean products, almost all of their cleaning products works well. In this post, I’m going to pick a few Magiclean products I really love and share my reviews here.

Magiclean Kitchen Cleaner Refreshing Lime Trigger
For home owners who cook often, this is a must-buy kitchen cleaner for your kitchen. What I always do; I spray on a dry cleansing cloth and wipe the oil stain off on my stove and table top. After which, I will use a wet cloth and cleanse off the foam. It will leaves my table top and glass stove sparkly clean. It’s effortless and hassle-free. Recently I found out that it does clean off the oil stain on my kitchen cabinet door too. Not just glass or smooth surface, it can also clean wooden surface well.
Magiclean Daily Care Toilet Foam Spray Trigger
We don’t clean our toilet bowl daily right? Usually I will brush my toilet bowl once a week. But we would love to have our toilet bowl clean and odourless every time we want to use it.
Magiclean Daily Care Toilet Foam Spray Trigger will come in rescue. Just a few sprays a day keeps the stains away.
It contains crystal polymer technology that forms a shied with each use, preventing stain from sticking and accumulating. This means no more need for tedious scrubbing.
Use it to clean the whole toilet bowl, including the toilet cover, tank, seat and even floor area around base of toilet. Just spray and rinse; so easy, anyone can use it!
Kills 99% bacteria & comes in refreshing mint fragrance to keep your toilet always smelling fresh.
Magiclean Wiper Handy Duster Extendable
It’s the best duster I’ve tried. Have been using it for years, not just at home its also a great helper for me in my office. I use it to clean off the dust on my desk, shelves and etc.. The extendable handle gives me additional reach and convenience to clean my window blinds and high shelving.
Handy Duster’s high absorption fibres effectively pick up, trap and hold even the finest dust. No more fly-away dust! New and improved with thicker fibres that trap 60% more dust compare to the older version.

Showcasing my Magiclean collections at home. The products shown below are non-sponsored and I bought it for my home usage before sample store and Magiclean contacted me.

Magiclean wiper mop is another must-have cleaning tool for your home. Effortless cleaning the dust, dirt and hair on the floor. I will use the wet wipes on days that I’m lazy to mop the floor. 😂

I will always stock up Magiclean cleaning solution in my toilet cupboard. From floor cleaner to toilet bowl cleaner and bathroom stain & mold.

Stain & Mold is another amazing products, which helps me to clean my shower area effortlessly and promptly. Just spray leave it for 15 mins, and rinse off the foam. The dirt, mold and green algae will come off without brushing and scrubbing the wall and floor.

Magiclean products are available conveniently at all leading supermarkets and online platforms (Redmart, Lazada, Prime Now and etc…).

Magiclean has a special discount for all new homeowners! The Spotless kit is worth $50, but Magiclean has a special discount for all new homeowners.
All you need to do is sign up at

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