Proposal + Upcoming #KYTwedding

It has been 4 months after my fairy tale proposal took place.
I haven’t got a chance to blog about the proposal, I won’t go in detail but if you interested to read about the proposal, I have updated on my dayre Day 199 post.

My fiancé also posted on his dayre too (Day 208):
Couldn’t thank him enough for his effort and sincerity, making the proposal successful and memorable. It’s one of the happiest moment in my life.
During these 4 months, we did a lot of preparations for our wedding in March 2017.
✔ Wedding Banquet Venue
✔ Honeymoon Destination (Resort and Air tickets booked)
✔ Wedding Band
✔ Gold Accessories 四点金
 ✔ First Batch of invites sent
✔ Wedding Deco Vendor
✔ AD Bridal Package
✔ AD Photographer
✔ AD Videographer
✔ Photobooth
✔ Korea Pre-Wedding Photo shoot
Talking about pre-wedding photo shoot, I’m going to share a bit more now.
Finally, I had my dream come true by having my pre-wedding photo shoot in Korea. I used to be a K-pop fanatic! I travelled to Korea many times and I couldn’t even remember how many times I’ve been there. It’s always my dream to have photo shoot over there and have a very Korean style of makeup, hairstyle, wedding gown and backdrop.
I’m glad that I made the decision to go there and manged to persuade my fiancé to agree.
KY is very thoughtful to me, he seldom says No to me. Whatever he can, he will try to fulfil my wants and needs.
The studio we signed up with is Chungdam Studio, we just came back to SG over the weekend and had our shoot last week in Seoul.
It’s was a very memorable & fruitful trip. We had so much fun throughout the 9 hours shoot.
The English coordinator Jamie and dress helper ahjumma took care of us very well.
We even got all the soft copies returned to us the next day after the shoot, the photos in this post are the unedited version.
I’m still waiting for the edited files and album layout. Once ready, they will email to us for approval in approximately 1 month time.
It’s Autumn season, we were blessed to have the red maple leaves and ginkgo yellow leaves on the trees.
Autumn foliage is just too beautiful and romantic!
One of my favorite from the indoor shoot.
Hanbok costume shoot is a must in Korea!
There are too many pretty photos, everyday I couldn’t stop admiring them. HAHA!
You can read more on my Seoul trip here:
I dayre-ed while I was in Seoul 😀
Seoul Day 3 – Gown Fitting:
Seoul Day 4 – Photoshoot Day:
Seoul Day 5 – Photo Selection:
Back to SG & Selected Photos Sneak!:
As on today, its 108 days to my Wedding Day!
If you are keen to do wedding related collaboration (desserts, desserts table, photo shoot, wedding favours, wedding nails and etc…), you may drop me an email:

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