Lolita’s Lash & Beauty Studio – Novalash Eyelash Extension 6D American Volume

I’m very honoured to be one of the guest bloggers for Lolita’s Lash & Beauty Studio to share my reviews and experiences for their services.
Last weekend, I did my first ever eyelash extension at Lolita’s Lash & Beauty Studio.
The session was smooth and remarkably comfortable.
Before heading down for the appointment, I’m very excited about my first experience of eyelash extension. Yes, I’m a beauty blogger for years but yet I didn’t have a chance to try out this amazing invention.

My beauty blogger friends have been telling me how great eyelash extension is and definitely will get addicted. After 1 week of having my lashes on, yes I have to agree with them.
I had my lashes done at Lolita’s Lash & Beauty Studio (Chinatown Point) outlet, Verlyn is Lolita’s lovely lashionista that did the extension for me.
The service I did was, Novalash Eyelash Extension 6D American Volume.
Verlyn is a Novalash certified extensionist, she is very detailed and experience.
As it’s my first time doing eyelash extension, I felt kind of nervous and worried.
But Verlyn did a good job by making me feel ease and relax for the 2 hours session.
Why Novalash?
 Novalash over other Brand’s :
1. Voted #1, NovaLash Eyelash Extension, the brand that won the most awards!
2. #formaldehydefree adhesive, no risk of cancer
3. #antibacteria synthetic lashes
4. #lightweight lash, thicker look
5. #waterproof you can shower worry-free
6. #heatresistant and sweat proof
Novalash Eyelash Extension 6D American Volume is suitable for ladies who have short and fine lashes.
It helps to achieve volume and long curl lashes by applying the 6D eyelash extension to 95% of our real lashes.
The process of the 2 hours session:
  1. Lash foam bath (clean and prime).
  2. Under eye gel mask (to hold down bottom lash and to act as a working area for forceps)
  3. Choosing the right length (short combo, medium combo or Long combo).
  4. American volume is different from Russian volume. American volume uses 3 length base on the client real lash age, short for baby lash, Long for mature lash. Each lash is determined during service on the length to be use so that client lash will not be damage.
  5. The service takes about 1hr 45min.
  6. A thorough separation at end of service to make sure all extension is not touching any part of the skin/lid and all extension is not sticking to another real lash on its side.
  7. Airnova blow & mist for 1 min to completely dry the lash adhesive.


The lashes are extremely soft and lightweight. I do not feel anything on my eyelid.
Aftercare for Novalash is easy, just avoid GLYCOL (glycol is an petroleum derived alcohol).
Water is good for Novalash, water helps the adhesive to bond well.
Most importantly, I can remove makeup, cleanse my face & shower without worrying.
Novalash is waterproof and oil-proof we can remove our eye makeup in ease.
I took home a tub of cleanLash with me after the session.
cleanLASH by Novalash is specially formulated for use with Novalash eyelash extension.
Use one pad to cleanse, condition and remove makeup.
3-in-1 product:
  • Makeup Remover
  • Cleanser
  • Conditioner
We can use our own makeup remover to remove our eye makeup but to enable your extension last longer, it is recommended to use cleanLASH.
Here’s my before and after:


Can you see the big difference? I received a lot of good feedback and raves from my colleagues and friends. They commented with the eyelash extension, my eyes looks brighter and rounder.
It compliment well with my eye makeup.
Looks natural and not overly dramatic for daily look.
I’m not a mascara lover, I will always avoid to use mascara in my daily make up. Mascara will sting my eyes and makes my eye area looks messy after mid-day.
Now with Novalash, I can do without mascara and even eyeliner sometimes.

Close up:

Both without eye makeup, before and after.
Novalash Eyelash Extension 6D American Volume
Usual price is $249 for new set.
Good News for all my readers!
Quote “NovalashxTebisha” you can enjoy 50% off for the first trial of the Novalash Eyelash Extension 6D American Volume set.  
Valid till 30th Nov 2016.
Hurry do not miss out this awesome opportunity to try out Novalash Eyelash Extension.
Definitely worth the money with no regrets.
Book your appointment with Lolita’s Lash & Beauty Studio now!
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Tel: 6338 9981
– Lolita’s Lash & Beauty Studio – Chinatown Point #B1-13
Tel: 6570 3317
One more picture of myself with Novalash 6D Volume Extension.
Truly no eye makeup.
Thank you Lolita’s Lash & Beauty Studio for the amazing Novalash experience,

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