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Hi All,
I have to apologise for the long hiatus, have been busy with my work and also travelling.
Finally, I have time to sit down in front of my laptop and start drafting my blog posts.
Today, I’m going to share about this amazing product ReFa Body.
Previously, I have reviewed ReFa Carat (click here) which is for lifting and firming for face. It shows instant results and sold over 5 million unit from the ‘ReFa’ series to date.
I have been trying to lose weight since Dec 2015 and successfully shed of 6 kgs but now my tummy is my biggest problem. Dieting does help me to lose overall weight but not my tummy fats.
Here comes ReFa Body in helping me to have slimmer and firmer tummy as well as thighs and arms.
ReFa Beauty Roller is designed to replicate the hand movement of a professional beautician.
We can manually practice lymphatic massage with kneading movement at our own comfort zone.
Each and every ReFa beauty roller is specially created to knead the specific area of our facial and body parts to provide visible and effect results.
Besides, slimming and firming effects, Lymphatic massage also enable us to have clear complexion, reduce fine lines and appearance of new scars.
The body will benefit from lymphatic drainage to reduce sluggishness, water retention, swelling and relieve stress.
The Solar Panel on it generates Micro current by absorbing the natural lights. Uses extremely low-electrical impulse to treat muscle pain, restores normal frequencies within the skin cells and treat inflammation. It is known to be the most effective non-surgical method to restore youthful appearance.
Same as ReFa Carat, ReFa body is waterproof, washable and usable during bath and shower.
It comes with adjustable handle, it can be freely changed in steps of 45 degree for more handy use.
Rollers are coated with Platinum, resistant to corrosion and definitely safe for sensitive skin. 
Check out the video for ReFa Body to understand more about the product and the steps on using it.
I’m using ReFa Body with the aid of firming body products to help me gaining a flat and firm tummy.
Hope by November I can achieve my desired body shape, most importantly we must live beautifully and healthy!
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