[Review] All Nature – The Bulgarian Rose Range

Introducing All Nature, a naturalist European beauty brand.
Made with over 95% ingredients of natural origin and based on selected plant oils and herbs, All Nature’s products are strongly devoted to the idea of sustainable beauty care.
 All Nature is free from harsh chemicals and synthetic components such as silicones, parabens, paraffins, ethoxylates and SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulfate) which are commonly used in hair and body products.
 The highlight of the All Nature range is the Bulgarian rose range. Originating from Bulgaria’s Rose Valley which produces 85% of the world’s rose oil, Bulgarian rose oil is renowned for its valuable properties – anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, and regenerating to name a few. Keeping hair or skin irritations at bay, it ensures that the epidermal layer remains protected, while remaining well-hydrated and nourished beneath the layer.

Rose & Almond Oil Shampoo
Suitable for coloured or treated hair
Extracted from the petals of the Damascan rose, rose oil helps to protect damaged hair and neutralise the harmful effects of colour dyes and styling products by hydrating the hair from within and re-establishing the structure of the damaged areas. In addition, a high Vitamin E content from the Almond oil which is absorbed quickly from roots to end helps to condition and smoothen the rough parts of the hair shaft, revitalizing hair back to a strong and shiny state.
Reviews: Rose & Almond Oil Shampoo is very gentle to my sensitive scalp and dry hair. It leave my chemically treated hair smooth & shiny even without applying conditioner after washed.
The clear soap formula lathers up well and form foams effortlessly.
All women will love the scent of roses, I’m definitely mesmerised by the sweet and fragrant rose aroma.
Rose & Almond Oil Conditioner
Using hair conditioner is to is to strengthen the hair. By using this we get shiny, beautiful, healthy and bouncy hair. A good conditioner can help you avoid a greasy, dry, frizzy head of hair.
Reviews: Rose & Almond Oil Conditioner also gives hair an awesome rose scent finishing. The natural extracts and oils help us to achieve smooth, manageable and moisturising hair.
I always have frizzy and messy hair, Rose & Almond Oil Conditioner gives my hair more shine and healthy-looking.
Althea & Rose Water Shower Gel
The rose water also helps to slow down the skin ageing process by repairing damage caused by harmful oxidants generated within the skin from UV rays, environmental pollution, and even harsh skincare products for a smooth and youthful complexion.
Reviews: I’m very particular about shower gel especially when I’m sensitive to scent and having dry skin.
I can’t use shower gel that has a strong perfume scent, which makes me feel giddy the whole day.
Althea & Rose Water Shower Gel has a calming and soothing rose scent that’s isn’t too strong for me.
It also hydrates and moisturise my dry skin very well. In the market, some shower gel are too strong for my skin, especially anti-bacterial shower gel / cream.
Althea flower is best known for anti-inflammatory property, provides a powerful defense against skin irritation while supporting the water balance of the skin to ensure skin is properly and thoroughly hydrated.
With the extensive hair damage done by colouring and styling products such as frizz and brittle hair ends, the Rose range offers strong protection and regeneration for damaged hair. Althea & Rose Water Shower Gel provides defense against free radicals and the pollution of daily life with its anti-oxidants and Vitamin E.
All Nature is exclusively available at selected Watsons stores and retails at $9.90 per bottle for haircare range, and $7.90 for shower gel range.
Thanks All Nature & Huntington Communications for sending these over. 

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