[Review] Hi-Tea: Flower Tea, Fruit Tea & Loose Tea

My kind of Sunday afternoon will be relaxing at home and enjoying a pot of my favourite tea.
Are you a tea lover like me?
I do prefer tea over coffee, I’m in love with floral tea especially Rose & Chamomile. Herbs tea like peppermint, roselle are my favourite too.
Introducing Hi-Tea, a Singapore based Flower Tea company which has a wide selections of Tea for all the tea lovers.
Hi-Tea Tea Selections: Flower Tea, Fruit Tea & Loose Tea

Hi-Tea Flower Tea selection has a total of 5 different series of blends which include the Health Series, Beauty Series, Anti-Aging Series, Slimming Series and also Relaxation Series.
One of their popular selections will be the Fruit Tea series.
These includes flowers and fresh fruits, both dried and mixed. It does not contain any caffeine, flavouring/colouring or additives. Our fruit teas are full of vitamins, fruit acids & minerals with natural colouring.
If you prefer to have single type of tea selection, Hi-Tea provide premium quality of loose tea that is natural. The 5 popular selections of Loose Tea are Natural Chamomile Tea, Natural Chrysanthemum Tea, Natural French Rose Tea, Natural Lemon Grass Tea, and Natural Peppermint Tea.
I love all the 5 series of blends from Flower Tea selection, my favourite will be Slimming Series
The combination of Hindu Lotus, Roselle & Hawthorn Fruit gives a light sour taste at first but with a sweet and refreshing finishing taste.
After a long day of work, before going to bed, Relaxation Series will be my choice to calm my mind and aid me have a good night sleep.
Relaxation Series is the combination of Chamomile & Lavender Tea, both Chamomile & Lavender are specialized in releasing stress & tension. 
For Hi-Tea Fruit Tea selections, there are 3 series Peach Fruit Tea, Blueberry Fruit Tea & Apple Rose Fruit Tea.
Hi-Tea uses 100% pure flower & fresh fruits, dried & mixed.
Does not contain any caffeine, flavoring/coloring or additive which suitable for young and old.
You can enjoy it in hot or chilled with a little honey or sugar for sweetish taste.
Special Introductory Promotion:
Buy any 2 boxes at $18!
(Usual Price: Loose Tea $22.90/box. Fruit Tea $24.90/box. Special Blends: $26.90/box.)
Get your favourite tea selection here: http://hi-tea-boutique.com/
Website: http://hi-tea-boutique.com/ | Hi Tea Facebook | Instagram: @hiteasg

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