[Review] Beauty Hope Balancing Womb Treatment

Today’s I’m going to touch on women’s health, introducing the treatment called Balancing Womb Treatment by Beauty Hope.
Balancing Womb Treatment a special care treatment for all ladies who are facing these issues:
1. Menstrual Cramps
2. Bloated Breast before and after menstruation
3. Incomplete shedding, clots
4. Excessive Fats accumulation around torso
5. Bloated abdomen
The whole treatment lasted about 60 minutes, started off with a relaxing back massage to relieve my body tension.
Beauty Hope therapist will specially blend a body massage gel with 3 types of essential oils that calm our mind and allows body to relax.

The blends includes:
1. Balancing Energy Massage Gel – A premium nourishing body cream that helps balance secretion of female hormones, sooth emotions, relax muscle structure. Rich in neroli essential oil to calm the mind, body and soul to curb menopausal symptoms. Releases plentiful nutrients to replenish body’s energy and nourishment.
2. Cellulite Essential Pure Oil – Improves lymphatic movement. Cypress geranium and grapefruit helps the body to detox and improve the liquid movement in order to relieve water retention.
3. Menopausal Essential Pure Oil – The endocrine system affects both out physical and spiritual being. Clary sage, geranium and rose essential oils are used to help balance the hormonal production while Clary sage, lavender and roman chamomile calms and relaxes the mind and soul.
4. Solar Plexus Essential Pure Oil – Encourage digestive juice secretion to lower the possibilities of gastric pains. Improves the health of the stomach. Lemon essential oil controls the acidity of the stomach, relieving constipation. Ginger essential oil relieves pain and colic. Fennel’s warm nature helps digestive while peppermint curbs pain and sooths gastric pains.
After the 30 mins back massage, therapist used The Far-Infrared Ceramic Bell on my back and tummy area.
The Far-Infrared Ceramic Bell penetrates heat, warms the skin, improves blood circulation, soothes lethargy, aches and pain.
If you find it too warm for your skin, do highlight to the therapist, they will adjust the heat to make us feel comfortable.
After the The Far-Infrared Ceramic Bell process, this step is the most important step.
Therapist will slowly massage your abdomen area and gently push your womb to the correct position.
This step is good for ladies who has given birth before and ladies who do sports regularly.
*Note: paper panties need to be remove during this process, if you are uncomfortable or feeling shy about this, you may voice out to the therapist.

Lastly, therapist will apply a thin layer of mask on my tummy/abdomen area and placed the The Far-Infrared Ceramic Bell above to warm the abdomen area for 15-20 minutes.
We have to keep our abdomen/womb warm all time to protect them.
My thoughts: After the treatment, I felt my body is so much lighter and my tummy is less bloated.
I always have bloated stomach issue, cause I eat my food too fast. This is the habit which I find it very difficult to change. This treatment really aids me in relieve bloated stomach.
I also felt that my abdomen is warm, just like a warm heat pad on top of my abdomen makes me feels well-protected.
According to Beauty Hope testimonials, Balancing Womb Treatment helped ladies who faced menstrual cramps, unable to conceive, irregular periods issues and etc…
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Thanks Beauty Hope and Gotideas for giving me this opportunity to try out this treatment specially caters to all women.

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