[Review] The Comb Hair Salon

I’m the type of person will get sick and tired of my hairstyle easily. The longest I could keep my hairstyle was 6 months. Last year I did a lot of changes to my hair from rebonding, curls, colour, bleach to purple, green and etc. It’s very hurtful and damaged my hair badly.
I’m very amazed by the end result that The Comb given me, it’s very different from my usual boring hairstyle.
I was invited by The Comb for a hair service. I can pick anything from the menu but I really got no idea what to do before I visit The Comb. So I decided to let my stylist to do the job and see what he will recommends me.
A little background about The Comb
The Comb is a Korean Style Hair Salon, with a team of leading Korean hair stylists, The Comb Hair Studio will give you hairdos that befits a celebrity.
The Comb is located at 12 Gemmil Lane Singapore 069252
Just 5 mins from Telok Ayer MRT.
I was directed to my seat by the Korean receptionist and presented me the menu. They actually served premium TWG tea to their clients. Besides TWG Tea, there are coffee and juices too!

My hair was treated by Senior Stylist Henry Yu. Highly recommend to all, he’s very attentive and experience.
He checked my hair conditions and asked for my preference. I told him I have natural curls so definitely have to do rebonding and I don’t like it to be flat. He asked me when’s the last time I did chemical to my hair as he could see that my hair ends was terribly spoilt. So he suggested to cut away my shoulder length hair and he will help me to volumize it.
This is Henry, he was trained in South Korea, worked as a hair stylist in Seoul for about 5 years. He worked with Juno Hair in Seoul and for the past year he went back to Shanghai to further his career there. And now he is in Singapore with The Comb, we are lucky to have him here in Singapore.
After my cut and I thought I’m going to look like this.
Rebonding in progress. During the rebonding process, I had a conversation with Henry. it was pretty enjoyable talking to him. He told me about his work experiences in Seoul and I asked him how he learn his Korean.
He is fluent in Korean language which I very admired and envy about. I took Korean classes before it was so difficult to master it. 
And here’s come the interesting part. When he rolled my hair with the curl rollers, in my mind I was asking myself, he going to curl my short hair? OMG! I thought it’s a rebonding service?
I’m very curious about my new hairstyle.
End result, Korean Style Volume Rebonding!
Volume Rebonding is a Korean style technique that enhances the ends of the roots and create natural waves in the form of “S” or “C” curls.
 I would say its an unique hairstyle in Singapore.
Curls on short hair are usually popular among the Koreans. For the first week, I’m trying to get use to my new hairstyle, I’m quite worried that I can’t carry this hairstyle well. But surprisingly, I received quite a number of compliments.
Thanks & The Comb & Henry!
If you are sourcing for new hair salon, The Comb is definitely worth for you to pay a visit.
Nice ambience, great service and skilful stylists!
Do look for Henry Yu, with his skills and attentiveness you will never be disappointed.
Do call and make appointment before you drop by.
And remember to request for your preferred stylist.

Location: 12 Gemmil Lane Singapore 069252

5 mins from Telok Ayer MRT.
Call them at +65 6438 3138
Operating Hours: Mon – Sun 10:00 am – 8:00 pm

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