[Event] Summer’s Eve “Say Yes to Sexy!”

Summer’s Eve recently has launched “Say Yes to Sexy” Campaign.
Being sexy is not about wearing revealing clothes or being flirtatious. 
Being sexy is about feeling feminine, confident and being yourself!
Earlier this month, I was invited to Summer’s Eve Bloggers Hi-Tea Session at My Cozy Room Boutique Spa to know more about the campaign and summer’s eve products.
Ladies out there, please do not neglect our important V area.
Ensuring good feminine hygiene in the delicate V area requires dedicated, special attention from you for overall personal well-being.

Why do we need to use feminine wash?
Women experience a variety of feminine issues in the course of their lives due to hormonal fluctuations during menstrual cycles, pregnancy, childbirth and menopause. Vaginal discharge, dryness, itching, urinary leakage and feminine odor are just some of the common problems that women experience. It is recommended to keep the vaginal area clean and dry for good vaginal health and hygiene as well as for personal comfort. 
**Ordinary soap tends to strip away the skin’s natural moisture, and may cause irritation with long-term use. Cleansing with water alone may not be effective in removing vaginal secretions, bacteria and odor. A pH-balanced, gynecologist-tested and hypoallergenic feminine wash is recommended for everyday intimate hygiene – just as you would use a body or hand wash for everyday personal hygiene.
Summer’s Eve products are pH-balanced, and gynecologist and dermatologist tested as safe for daily use. From feminine washes, wipes, douches, deodorant sprays to cleansing mist, they have a product to suit your every intimate need and bring sexy back to you!
At the event, we get to preview the “Say Yes to Sexy!” campaign video.
Yummy High Tea treats from Laduree.
We also get to try out a 30-min pampering spa from My Cozy Room Boutique Spa.
I choose the relaxing shoulders massage, which helped me to sooth my aching shoulders and calms my mind. I will be trying out their signature full hot stone massage tomorrow, will share more about my experience with My Cozy Room, stay tune!
You can now redeem Free Sample from Summer’s Eve here: http://www.summerseve.com.sg/sample.php
Triumph has collaborated with Summer’s Eve for this campaign, 
Especially for Summer’s Eve Singapore FB fans!
Now you can be sexy inside out! Enjoy $20 off any regular-priced bra when you shop online at sg.triumph.com.
Simply key in promo code “SUMMER20” upon checkout. The offer ends 5 July 2015.
Summer’s Eve Feminine Wash
Gentle yet effective, this feminine wash will be your best friend! Unlike ordinary soap and bath gels, its allergy-tested formula is specifically designed to match the pH of the external vaginal area and cleanse away odor-causing bacteria without irritation. (A product with a pH too high or low can weaken the skin’s natural defenses to bacterial infection, causing damage or dryness that increases risk of irritation.) Summer’s Eve Feminine Wash helps to maintain healthy pH balance and also contains Lamesoft®, an ultra-mild lipid layer enhancer to replenish your skin’s natural moisture and prevent dryness that can lead to itching and irritation.
  • Maintains optimum pH levels for a healthy vaginal environment
  • Soap-free, with moisturizing Lamesoft® to prevent skin dryness and irritation
  • Gynecologist-tested & dermatologist-tested as safe for daily use
  • pH balanced, hypoallergenic
Wet external vaginal area. Pour a small amount onto palm and apply. Rinse thoroughly. 
Use twice daily
Summer’s Eve Feminine Cleansing Wipes

For busy women on the go, these ultra-soft feminine wipes are the perfect pick-me-up. Individually wrapped for hygiene and convenience, the flushable wipes are great for freshening up between sanitary pad or pantyliner changes. Cleanse away odor-causing bacteria, sweat and other skin irritants that can cause intimate area discomfort or pH imbalance when you’re out and about. Formulated with Neutresse and skin-soothing Aloe and Vitamin E, they gently cleanse and neutralize odor without irritation.
  • Individually wrapped for hygiene & convenience
  • Flushable, alcohol-free
  • pH balanced, hypoallergenic
  • Gynecologist-tested and dermatologist-tested
  • The only feminine wipes with Neutresse® to effectively neutralize bad odor on contact
  • Skin-soothing Aloe and Vitamin E provide added comfort
  • Safe for daily use

Remove cloth from foil packet, unfold and gently wipe the external vaginal area. Dispose after one use. Use as often as desired to feel shower-fresh day or night.
What Kind of Sexy are You?
Being SEXY is not about wearing revealing clothes or being flirtatious. It is more than being superficial. 
Being SEXY is about feeling feminine, feeling confident, and being yourself! We dare say every lady wants to look her best and feel good! 
Curious to find out what kind of SEXY are you?
Say YES to begin the quiz now! 
To thank you for participating, we are rewarding 5 lucky participants each week with an exclusive Ultimate Sexiness Pack* worth over $200!
*Pack consists of a limited edition Summer’s Eve travel pouch complete with products, a sexy G-string by Triumph and $90 worth of Triumph vouchers. Plus: A limited edition Triumph Bra Case worth $89.90.

Lastly, Thanks OCG, Summer’s Eve, My Cozy Room Boutique Spa & Triumph for the event and goodies bag!

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