[Event] Luxola x Alcina Beauty Cafe

Earlier of the month, I was invited by Luxola to attend the Alcina Beauty Cafe, I took a day off from my work and spent a cozy afternoon at Club Street Social.
Alcina, the skincare and makeup brand from Bielefeld, Germany. It was founded by dermatologist Dr Kurt Wolff around mid 20th century. Alcina has now arrived in Singapore and available exclusively in Luxola.

We are honoured to be able to see the live makeup demonstration by Alcina Germany Makeup Artist Ms Frouka. She flew all the way from Germany and shared with us the info of Alcina products and some skincare & makeup tips.
Ena was the model for the makeup demo.
We get to sneak peek all the products available in Singapore during the event. From Skincare to Makeup range.
Ms Frouka did the skincare processes for Ena before makeup.
These are some of the skincare products she used.

To highlight 1 of their best skincare products: ALCINA Cleansing Mousse N°1
The Cleansing Mousse N°1 is a premium cleansing foam formulated with moisturising complexes and a mild tenside system that ensure a facial cleaning action which penetrates deep down the skin for a clearer, more nourished look.
Premium but gentle and thorough formula
Now moving over to my favourite makeup range!
Started off with foundation, Alcina has 2 types of liquid foundation to cater users’ preference: 
Perfect Cover & Silky Matt. Both comes with 3 shades Ultralight, light & medium.
Perfect Cover Make-Up
Alcina Perfect Cover Make-up is a richly tinted cream product which offers long-lasting coverage to give your skin a flawless look. It is specially designed to reliably cover pigmented spots, redness, impurities or an uneven skin tone to achieve a completely natural complexion. Its soft texture gives it an ultra light and comfortable feel as it dries into a semi-matte finish.
Silky Matt Make-up
Apologies I only get hold of 2 shades for Silky Matt, couldn’t able to find the medium shade while passing around.
Alcina Silky Matt Make-up is a sleek and creamy product designed to create an even, silky smooth finish. Its impressive lightweight texture allows for a complete and polished coverage, minimising the appearance of pores while leaving behind a powdery matte effect. This product also equalises the skin’s surface by softening the look of imperfections without looking too dry and cakey.
ALCINA Cover Coat Concealer
The Cover Coat Concealer hides pores, lines and under eye circles, and corrects other skin imperfections to deliver a well-toned complexion and a fresh appearance.
ALCINA Brilliant Blush
Comes with 2 shades: Triple Rose 010 & Triple Peach 020
The Brilliant Blush is a multi-shade powder that provides a fresher complexion and subtle contours to the face. It contains advanced micropigments that ensure a beautiful natural radiant finish.
ALCINA Miracle Eye Shadow
A total of 6 shades: Bronze 080Aubergine 050, Pearl 010, Brown 060, Mocca 070 & Nude 020.
*Bold are the shades on my picture above
The Miracle Eye Shadow has an innovative texture and rich pigments that make sure colour stays beautifully put for hours. It has a luxurious formula that can be applied wet or dry, both ways producing stunning looks.
And lastly we have ALCINA Lipsticks range
2 ranges: Shiny Lipstick & Intense Lipstick
Shiny Lipstick: The Shiny Lipstick has a soft, light texture that provides the lips a subtle colour effect. It pampers the lips while giving a lovely sheen for a beautiful natural look. 
(2 shades: Scarlet 010 & Coral 030)
Intense Lipstick: Alcina Intense Lipstick immerses your lips in a sharp and perfectly opaque colour. Its creamy formula leaves your lips feeling silky smooth and pampered with a brilliantly coloured finish. This product is ideal for creating a high impact look which highlights lips with naturally striking colours. (5 shades: Chianti 050, Granat 030, Nougat 040, Teak 070 & Cassis 080)
Thanks Alcina & Luxola, I get to bring home their top 3 products!
Another Alcina highly recommended skincare product: ALCINA Hyaluron Gel 2.0 
Hyaluron Gel 2.0 is a powerful restorative product that supplies and binds in large amounts of moisture to plump the skin. Its rich formulation of Hyaluronic Acid penetrates deep into the skin to rejuvenate damaged cells and support natural healing. This in turn will dramatically transform the look of the skin by reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and other surface imperfections for a naturally healthy complexion. Hyaluron Gel 2.0 can be simply applied under any other facial cream where it is readily absorbed to maintain essential moisture levels.
Reviews: Love the light gel texture that absorbed into our skin quickly. Best suitable for combination skin type like me. At first I’m a bit worried whether Asian skin suitable for this German skincare brand which I thought only caters to Caucasian but I’m wrong. Hyaluron Gel 2.0 is definitely suitable for us and best for the humid climate here! Keep our skin hydrated and supple looking!
ALCINA Sun Kiss Powder
The Sun Kiss Powder is a quick and easy way to achieve a healthy, summer glow. It contains light-reflecting shimmering pigments that make the skin look fresher, smoother and more toned, as if kissed by the sun.
Reviews: My favourite Alcina makeup product! I applied it after my foundation and gives an instant glow on my face doesn’t make me look over fair and makes my makeup lasted the whole day. Easy to use and comes with a soft brush!
ALCINA Shiny Lipstick – Coral 030
Reviews: I’m lucky to get the Shiny Lipstick by spinning the lucky wheel at the end of the event. I picked the Coral shade cause red lipstick doesn’t suits my lips tone.
Love the shiny look that makes my lips look moisturised. I don’t mind getting more of their lipsticks. Going to purchase their Intense Lipstick and try out!
Alcina is now available on Luxola Singapore!
You may view the whole range available in SG here: http://www.luxola.com/sg/brands/alcina
Enjoy beauty shopping in Luxola!
Once again, Thank Luxola & Alcina for the event invitation!

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