[Event] Ettusais Recipe to Gorgeous Skin Event

Ettusais never fail to surprise their fans and members with fun events / workshops.
Attended the ‘Recipe to Gorgeous Skin Event’ earlier of the month at Cookyn Inc.
Besides, introducing to us the launch of their new product Ettusais Jelly Mousse, we get to hands-on and make our very own White Chocolate Jelly Mousse Dessert!
Ettusais will be launching their NEW Ettusais Jelly Mousse Cleanser next month.
Jelly Mousse is a targeted & high-performance pore-care wash.
It removes dirt and toxins from pores in less than a minute and minimises the appearance of pores overtime!
Skin feels fresh, clear and refined, without the tightness of harsh facial cleansers and scrubs.

Yummy treats and desserts prepared by Cookyn Inc.

Let’s get started in making the White Chocolate Jelly Mousse!
Cream, egg white, white chocolates and a small chocolate bar
Mixing the melted white chocolates with cream & eggs.
Pipe the mousse into the cups with coffee jelly at the bottom. 
Sprinkle some chocolate on top and its ready! 
Best serve in chilled, so put in the fridge for at least an hour before eating.
Thanks Ettusais for organsing such a enjoyable event, we get to purchase
 the Ettusais Jelly Mousse before the launch.
Tried it and loves it!
Ettusais Jelly Mousse has a grapefruit scent which makes you feel refreshed and clean after using it.
Gently move the gel in circulation motion, foam will slowly appear. 
With the help of the foam, it leaves us with clean and clear skin.
Ettusais Jelly Mousse can be use as a daily pore care wash and remove dirt and impurities instantly.
The cooling sensation after washed helps to calm the skin and tighten the pores.
Ettusais Jelly Mousse will be out in all Ettusais Counters from April 2015.
Priced at $30 each.
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