[Review] LJH Oxygen Bubble Brightening Pack

LeeJiHam Oxygen Bubble Brightening Pack

When I first get to know LJH Oxygen Bubble Mask last year, I was very amused by it.
I wonder how the bubble gets to form when I applied on my face and the after used effects was really awesome.
LJH Oxygen Bubble Brightening Pack is one of the All-Time Best Sellers products in HKCplaza.com
– Provides Instant Whitening Effects 
– Detox Impurities from Inner Skin
– Removes Dead Skin Cells on Skin 
– Greatly Improves Overall Skin Tone
Pumped out from the bottle, it is in Gel texture.
Spread it evenly on your face, except eye and lip areas. 
Less than 5 seconds, you can slowly see bubbles start forming.
Oxygen – Therapy delivers plentiful Oxygen to the skin directly. 
Instant Oxygen Cleansing makes your skin tone clean and brighten.
Perfectly clears skin wastes and old horny layer in deep pore.
After the bubbles were formed, gently massage your face with the bubbles and rinse it off.
Can you see the glow on my face?
* All the pictures of my face were unedited and no filter, truly bare skin with no makeup.
 Instant results of brightening skin after I used LJH Oxygen Bubble Brightening Pack. 
I was really amazed by this fascinating results produced by the Oxygen bubble mask.
1 of the best mask I’ve tried, Clean and Clear Skin! YAY!
Highly recommend to all out there! 
LJH Oxygen Bubble Brightening Pack is selling at SGD 58.00 on HKCplaza.com.
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I will be reviewing their next Best-Selling product LJH Cellabel M.C. Vital CC Cream in my next few posts.
I have already heard a lot of raves about this product, can’t wait to try it and review it here!

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