[Review] NEW GoodskinLab Firm-365 Facial Firming Serum & 365 “V” Poses Contest

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A powerful lifting and firming treatment to rejuvenate skin!

As skin ages, it loses elasticity and firmness causing facial features to sag and lose definition. FIRM-365 tackles these signs of aging and delivers instant and long-term 
results that you can see and feel. The heavyweight product helps promote skin’s natural elastin and collagen production to visibly repair skin’s appearance for firmer, more 
sculpted and radiant-looking skin over time. “One of the most significant and recognizable changes in the skin as we age is a loss of firmness and elasticity. Patients 
frequently request a desire to tighten and lift the skin without the intervention of aggressive surgical procedures. Now their requests can be answered with advanced 
skincare technology from Goodskin Labs,” says Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank, GoodSkin Labs Global Dermatologist. “FIRM-365 Facial Firming Serum provides immediate 
hydration and radiance to the skin while boosting skin’s natural collagen and elastin to help skin appear firmer over time.”
Directions: After cleansing your face, gently massage 3-5 drops over clean face and neck, morning and night. Let set and follow with moisturizer.
You may feel the serum can be quite oily at first but after you have gently massage and let the serum blend into the skin, the oily feeling disappear!
FIRM-365 Facial Firming Serum is an intensive lifting and firming treatment that addresses the loss of definition and firmness in aging skin, 
improving skin’s texture and delivering a visibly firmer and more lifted appearance
• Clinically proven to achieve firmer, younger looking skin 
•Noticeably smoothes and sculpts 
Clinical Study Results 
• Immediate: 100% of women demonstrated significant improvement in skin radiance 
• After 4 Weeks: 89% of women demonstrated a significant improvement in skin firmness 
• After 8 weeks: 94% of women demonstrated a significant improvement in skin firmness 
Sensory Study Results 
• Immediate
o 91% of women noticed skin was moisturized
o 83% of women felt skin looked more healthy
•After 4 Weeks
o 91% of women noticed skin looked more radiant 
o 88% of women felt skin looked firmer
o 86% of women felt skin looked lifted
365 “V” Poses Contest
• Calling for 365 FB users to strike a “V” pose just like the model in visual, take a photo 
and post on Sasa Facebook
• FB users will have to “like” SaSa SG Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/SGSaSa) before 
posting their photo
• “Posers” can redeem a FIRM-365 sample from any SaSa outlet or at SampleStore.com 
• 5 lucky “posers” will each win a $200 GSL product hamper & $200 worth of SaSa 
Gift Certificates

Contest period: 13 Jan to 9 Feb 14

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