[Review] Mygenlife Beauty Drinks (Slimming Nectar Drink)

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Introducing the New Mygenlife Beauty Drinks!
Mygenlife have 5 different drink under the brand.
Beauty Collagen 12,000mg
Thanks thesamplestore and Mygenlife for sponsoring me a box of Slimming Nectar Drink to try out.
 Slimming Nectar drink is a fast acting feel good drink-type slimming supplement. The powerful formula of enzymes supercharged with Chestnut Astrigent Skin Extract and Chia Seed provides safest nature’s power for weight loss for life.
Main Ingredients:
– Chestnut Astrigent Skin Extract is a all natural ingredient that supports the reduction of carbohydrate absorption into your body. It improves your diet and helps manage your weight.
– Chia Seed is a great soured of Omega-3 fats and fiber. It helps to boost energy, stabilize your sugar levels and aid in your digestion. It also contains Amino Acid whish helps to regulate your appetite. All these ensure you have a trim and healthy figure.
– Fibersol-2 is all natural dietary fiber made from corn which helps support a healthy digestive system.
You don’t have to worry if the drink taste weird, its totally taste like a fruit juice!
Directions: 1 bottle a day

Caution: If you are nursing, taking medication or have a medical condition,  please consult a doctor before consuming this product.

Keep out of reach of children.
**Results may vary

I just started drinking Slimming Nectar Drink 3 days ago, hope it works a bit after I finish the 6 bottles.
Will update the outcome in my instagram, do follow me: @tebisha
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Mygenlife Beauty Drink is available in Guardian and http://www.hannah.com.sg/ 
at $49.90 per box (6 bottles).

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