Taiwan Trip with Family – 27 Mar 2013 (Day 4)

This going to be the last post of my Taiwan Trip with Family.

Day 4 was our 2nd last day of the trip. We took Taiwan Railway 台鐵 from Taipei Station (台北站) to Ruifang Station (瑞芳站). We going to Jiufen (九份)!

This was actually my 3rd time to Jiufen so I have no problem travelling and finding the way to Jiufen.

You can buy train tickets straight from Taipei Railway Station, its recommended to buy tickets from the counters cause they will assigned you a seat (depends on the train type) so that you can have a seat comfortably throughout the whole journey.
The whole journey estimated was around 30mins to 50mins, it depends on the train type you board. Some trains may have more stops so that journey will took longer.

On the train to Ruifang Station.

After alighting from Ruifang Station, you can take a bus from the stop bus opposite the station.
The bus will indicate (Keelung 基隆 -> Jiufen 九份 -> Jinguashi 金瓜石).
There’s a tourist information counter inside Ruifang station, you may double confirm with the staff there on which bus to take.
It was drizzling when we reach there but lucky we managed to see the beautiful scenery. 
If the weather is bad it can be foggy.

With my sisters!

Ruifang Station Platform. It looks a bit rundown.

This is a short post cause I didn’t took much photos on that day.
The next day, we headed to airport in noon time and scoot back to Singapore.
My next travel blog post will be my Trip to Seoul in Summer!
Do stay tune!

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