My Super Show 5 Journey in 2013

Hi All!

Sorry for the semi hiatus and lack of updates on my blog recently, have been real busy in Nov..
Dec had just started, 2013 going to end soon. This year time just flashed through so fast!

I have also completed my Super Show 5 Journey for this year. I’ve attended Super Show 5 in Singapore (1 show), Super Show 5 in Taipei (2 shows) and Super Show 5 in Malaysia (1 Show). A total of 4 shows of Super Show 5 in 2013, compared to last year I’ve attended a total of 5 shows for Super Show 4 in Taipei, Singapore & Seoul for Encore. (My 2012 Super Show 4 Journey)
SS4 Taipei: Taipei just for them! ♥ (3-6 Feb 12)
SS4 SG: Super Awesome Super Show 4 Singapore (18 & 19 Feb 2012)
SS4 Encore in Seoul: 44 Hours in Seoul for Super Show 4 Encore! (26 May 12) Day 1 & 44 Hours in Seoul for Super Show 4 Encore! (27 & 28 May 12) Day 2 & 3

I’m not going to attend SS5 Encore (if there is, rumor in Beijing) cause I’m planning to go Seoul in February 2014 for Kyuhyun’s new musical performance “Moon Embracing the Sun”.

Some highlights I took during SS5 Singapore, Taipei & Malaysia.

Super Show 5 in Singapore – 6 July 2013

Super Show 5 in Taipei (11 & 12 August 2013)

Super Show 5 in Malaysia (23 November 2013)

I will be blogging about my SS5 experiences in Taipei & Malaysia soon. I have lots of travel blogs yet blogged, please give me some time ok? I will definitely blog about it.
Super Show 5 completed a total of 17 cities and 27 shows from Asia to South America and Europe. 
It’s a great accomplishment for Super Junior, I’m proud being an ELF as well!

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