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《信约之唐山到南洋》The Journey A Voyage – Private Preview Screening Event

Last Thursday, I got a chance to attend the Private Preview Screening of Channel 8 new blockbuster drama The Journey A Voyage 《信约之唐山到南洋》at Bugis+, The Joyden Hall.
Thanks Channel 8 八频道 for the invitation, it was a great honored to attend the private screening of episode 1 and able to catch a glimpse of the cast.


Every invited guest got a vintage paper bag of goodies bag to bring home. 
Thanks Channel 8 and sponsors for the goodies.
Before the start of preview screening, the cast arrived at the entrance of Joyden Hall.
Elvin Ng 黄俊雄, Priscelia Chan 曾诗梅, Joanne Peh 白薇秀, Alfred Sim  沈志豪 (Singer for the theme song 家乡), Chris Tong 童冰玉, Desmond Tan 陈泂江, Terence Cao 曹国辉 & Allen Chen 陈祎伦.
Bloggers got an exclusive privilege to have a picture with the cast! 
Footage of the drama and Episode 1 going to show on the huge screen, just like cinema! 
Mary Bukoh  巫许玛莉 was the host for the event.
Introducing the Singer of 《信约之唐山到南洋》The Journey A Voyage Drama theme song 《家乡》Alfred Sim 沈志豪.
Alfred Sim’s voice very much like 歌神 张学友, from 25 November 2013, 9pm onwards every Mon – Fri you can hear his awesome voice at the beginning of the drama. 
Here comes the cast up on stage, introducing their roles and sharing some fun & unforgettable moments while shooting the drama.
Allen Chen 陈祎伦 as 张天鹰 Zhang Tianying
Zhang Tianpeng’s (Li Nanxing 李南星) younger brother.

Joanne Peh 白薇秀 as Zhang Huiniang 张蕙娘
The little Nonya was brought up by Huang Zhenniang 黄珍娘 (Carole Lin 林晓佩) .
Elvin Ng 黄俊雄 as Zhang Dong-en 张东恩
Born and bred in Nanyang, Zhang Dong-en grew up under the strict teachings of his father after his mother died young.
Desmond Tan 陈泂江 as Hong Shi 洪石
Hong Shi is a cheerful and optimistic chap who works hard for a living. Leaving his hometown at the age of 17, Hong Shi got a job at the tin mine through the help of his uncle and led a thrifty life, so as to marry and to bring his childhood sweetheart Lin Yazi 林鸭子 (Jeannette Aw 欧萱) to Nanyang.
Terence Cao 曹国辉 as Zhang Guangda 张广达
Zhang Guangda is the second son of the Zhang family. His idle and frivolous ways made him highly unsuitable to run the family business. 
Chris Tong 童冰玉 as Bai Mingzhu 白明珠
Bai Mingzhu, the daughter of a bankrupt landlord, was arranged to marry Zhang Guangda as his second wife.
Priscelia Chan 曾诗梅 as Han Xiuxiang 韩秀香 
Han Xiuxiang is a wealthy, feisty and obstinate rich lady who marries Zhang Guangda. Apart from Zhenniang, everyone from the Zhang family fears of her. 
Group photo of the cast
After which, all the invited guests and cast got to enjoy the Special footage of the drama and episode 1 of The Journey A Voyage 《信约之唐山到南洋》.
In the 20th century China, the social and political instability forces their people to leave their homeland and find a living in Nanyang.
The stories involves 2 brothers Zhang Tianpeng and Zhang Tianying to seek a fortune in Nanyang, a young couple Shitou and Yazi who start their new life in Nanyang and Wealthy Chinese Zhang family who lives in Nanyang.
It has been a long time Channel 8 produce historical drama, when the teaser released, makes me very anticipating in catching the drama.
After watching the first episode, the younger generation will understand better why our ancestors travel all the way from China to Nanyang to earn a living. Travelling 10 days from China to Nanyang on the boat, some problems they encountered. 
Can’t wait to watch episode 2 on Channel 8 from 25 Nov 2013, 9pm onwards, I want to know the lives Zhang Tianpeng and Zhang Tianying in Nanyang, what happen to Shitou & Yazi when they reached, how they overcome their problems they faced in Nanyang. And the evil businessman Zhang Guangda brought his concubine Mingzhu back and introduce to Zhang Family. How’s her life in Zhang Family and how the family going treat her?
《信约之唐山到南洋》The Journey A Voyage debuts on 25 Nov 2013, every Monday to Friday 9pm on Channel 8.
Do remember to catch it!
For more info about the drama you can visit xinmsn webiste:

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