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[Review] Vichy Normaderm Skin Care Range

Sponsored Review
Introducing the Vichy Normaderm Skin Care Range
Normaderm is Vichy’s top selling range, and was formulated for combination – oily and acne prone skin. 
Thanks Vichy for inviting me to try out their Normanderm skin care range and delivered the blogger kit to my doorstep.
What’s in my Blogger Kit?
1. Normaderm Deep Cleansing Purifying Gel
2. Normaderm Imperfection Prone Skin Lotion
3. Normaderm Tri-activ Anti-imperfection Hydrating Care
4. Normaderm Hyaluspot
Before I get started, I have 8 Skin Care Myths to share with you!

Vichy Normaderm Deep Cleansing Purifying Gel
Normaderm Deep cleansing purifying gel cleanser contains No Soap, Paraben & Alcohol. 
Its is perfectly for Acne Prone Skin.
Cleanses sebum and impurities, without over drying. Skin looks clearer, fresh and comfortable.
I really love the smell of the cleansing gel, it gives a fresh feeling to the skin after using it. Very gentle to skin, highly recommend to people who has acne prone skin and sensitive skin.
You can see from the pictures below on the difference of using Vichy Normaderm Deep Cleansing Purifying Gel. Skin looks brighter and fairer compared to other brand of cleanser. 
Vichy Normaderm Imperfection Prone Skin Lotion

Normaderm imperfection prone skin lotion not just for acne prone skin, its even suitable for sensitive skin.
Contain 0% Alcohol, gentle to skin and hydrates the skin. 
This lotion is to be use after cleansing, it will gently tightens pores and reduces redness on the skin.
Impurities are gently eliminated, pores are tightened, skin is hydrated and complexion is evened out. 
Normaderm Imperfection Prone Skin Lotion gives a very fresh feeling and non-sticky.
Clear and soothed, skin is ready to receive the day care!
Vichy Normaderm Tri-active Anti-Imperfection Hydrating Care
The No. 1 Oil-control Moisturizer in Singapore! 
Normaderm Tri-active Anti-Imperfection Hydrating Care fights against imperfections, Mattitfies long-lastingly and Hydrates your skin for 24 Hours. It’s suitable for oily skin, acne prone skin and even sensitive skin. Light comfort-texture, ultra penetrating and fresh!
To help recover a healthy skin, targeting imperfections is not enough. Skin also needs to be hydrated and mattified 
Vichy Normaderm Hyaluspot
Normaderm Hyaluspot is my favourite product of this range. It is fast acting, anti-imperfection targeted care and minimises marks.
When to use it? A spot appears and couldn’t stop touching it? 
Use Normaderm Hyaluspot, fast acting targeted spot care with hyaluronic acid. 
The formula enriched with hyaluronic acid creates an invisible and protective film on the surface of the skin.
Antibacterial technology to help fight the appearance of spots.

Clear and fresh gel texture. Apply directly to the spot using the applicator. 
Gentle to skin and suitable for sensitive skin.
Vichy Normaderm Skin Care Range is now available at most of the leading pharmacies.
For more products information you may visit: 
Vichy Singapore Facebook

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