Beautiful Autumn in Korea – Day 7 & 8 in Seoul [02 & 03 Nov 12]

I’m back from my July 2013 Seoul Trip! 

Yes, I went to Seoul again without completing my post.. It’s my bad for my laziness.. I still have Mar 2013 Taiwan trip not yet start drafting and my recent Summer Seoul trip..
This is my last post for Beautiful Autumn in Korea, Day 7 & 8 were the last 2 days of my trip…
After 1 whole day of sight-seeing at Petite France and Nami Island on Day 6, we shall continue our cafes hunting.
Hongdae is a famous place with lots of cafe joints and shopping area for the youngsters! Day 7, we had our breakfast at one of the famous cafe Coco Bruni!
Look at the Cakes!!

Yummy yummy!! Can’t decide which to have? Feel like order all the cakes!
It was a weekday morning, so the place is quite empty.. Love the interior of the cafe.. 
Lighting was decorated with bird cages.

Something to remind you guys, DO NOT go Hongdae on weekends cause it going to pack with people.. During weekends, you can’t find a seat in every cafes.. Hongdae is a favorite hangout place for young Koreans…
Ordered Tea, Layer Tarte and Blue Cheese Bagel!

After our breakie, we shopped for while and decided to head to the next Cafe! It’s a must-visit cafe if you a a dog lover, Bau House Dog Cafe!
The address I had was the old location, we didn’t know it has moved to a new location. When we reached, we were like eh? where’s Bau House? How come it disappear? Close down already?? We asked the staff at one of the cafe nearby.. He told us Bau House has moved to a new location, for exact address he not very sure. To double confirm it has moved, I google it and got the new location address.
Bau House it’s now located in a building near Hapjeong station (between exit #3 and #4).
Address: 394-44 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul. (Je-il Building, rear entrance, 1st floor)
I’m going to spam some cute doggies photos! They are sooooooo CUTEEE~

There are 2 sections in the cafe. 
First section (near entrance) is small doggies area and Second section are all the large dogs.

This cutie look like my mochi~ 

Whenever there are new customers they will start barking and crowd around the entrance to welcome them!

I want to bring them home~~
Last day of our trip, we went to a famous brunch place called The Flying Pan (Blue) at Itaewon. It’s very near to Itaewon station exit #2.
Address: 13, Itaewon-ro 27ga-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul 
Do remember to make reservation before going, it going to be very crowded during weekend. We requested the hotel staff to help us call in and make reservation a day before. 

I ordered French Toast and English Breakfast Tea… It’s one of the best meal I had in Seoul!
Definitely worth to visit! 
Ended our BFF Trip with yummy brunch! Had a great trip with my BFF, miss those days in South Korea with my BFF.. We need to have another trip soon! 

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