[Review] Liese Daily Enhance Styling Series

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Introducing the NEW Liese Daily Enhance Styling Series!
Having a simple and neat hairstyle is not as easy as it seems. Most require styling products to keep the hairstyle intact. Even straight long hair needs styling products to keep frizzes and flyways at bay!

Liese Daily Enhance Styling Series is the new basic styling aid that is easy to use and great for those who wish for a tamed mane for the everyday occasion. Even without styling experience, the new range helps you achieve that neat style in just five minutes. And there is something for everyone – each of its four products is specially designed for a different hair type.
Whether it is just to tame those frizzes or revive loose curls, Frizz-Free Styling Milk and Wave-Defining Foam will quickly settle those tedious hair woes. Airy Style Blow-Dry Water and Straight Style Blow-Dry Mist let you achieve a sleek and manageable do on your own, with ease. And it makes hair look and feel great all day.
I’m going to try out 2 products of the Liese Daily Enhance Styling Series!
Frizz-Free Styling Milk & Airy Style Water
Thanks Liese for delivering the special package to my doorstep!
Frizz-Free Styling Milk

Before application: Frizzy hair ends and dry looking hair!
Dispense milk onto hand and spread it on both palms. Apply thoroughly onto hair ends, starting from the inner layers.
Finger comb the outer layers of hair to tame it.
And my hair becomes moisturize, non-frizzy and manageable!
How to style your hair with Frizz-Free Styling Milk?
Airy Style Water

Hair always flat and no volume? 
Enhance your hair style with Airy Style Water, you can add volume to your hair easily!
Step 1: On either dry or damp hair, spray Airy Style Water evenly onto the inner-top layers of hair near the roots.
Step 2: Blow dry hair from the roots while tousling or scrunching it with hands.
Step 3: After blow drying, comb through hair with fingers to tame the ends.
No more flat hair style!
Tutorial and styling tips on Airy Style Water!
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Liese Daily Enhance Styling Series is now available at all leading pharmacies and super/hyper marts!

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