CN Blue World Tour: Bluemoon in Singapore 13 April 2013

2 weeks back, I’ve attended the CN Blue World Tour Concert, Bluemoon in Singapore.
Bought the tickets 3 hours before the concert from a seller, we deal at $180 for a pair of tickets worth $396.
Anyway, she still earn profit from us cause the tickets were complimentary from Giant.

I love to attend Korean Artists concert, they always start on time! The most they will delay 10 minutes, no later than that! I really admire their punctuality!

Concert Started! Blue lightsticks filled up the venue! 
We also bought blue Super Junior lightsticks to the concert! Super Junior official lightstick colour is blue too! 

First half of the concert, I don’t really enjoy maybe because I’m not their super fans (BOICE) and don’t really know their songs well. 
Surprisingly, CN Blue can speak English quite well! Especially, Yonghwa & Jungshin, no translator needed for the whole concert.. Maybe they don’t talk or crap as much as Super Junior, simple English is good enough.
Lead Singer & Leader – Yonghwa!

My favourite member of CN Blue, Guitarist Jonghyun!
He’s really a quiet guy, didn’t speak much in the whole concert..

Drummer – Minhyuk!
Concert started to get higher at the 2nd half of the concert, when they started to sing their hit song, 
I’m a Loner!


Encore part! All the member wore their official Bluemoon concert Tees!

Bass Guitarist Jungshin was very active during the performance, he talks a lot and gave a lot of fan services to the fans!

The whole concert lasted for around 2 hours. Overall, it’s a great performance, I can see all the members put in a lot of hard work and effort to make this concert a successful one.
At the end of the concert, Jonghyun even took out his phone and took a picture of all of us!

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