[Review] Bioderma HYDRABIO H2O

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Hi Ladies!
Do you remember my Guest review of Bioderma Sensibio H2O in Bellabox Magazine?
The results after using Bioderma Sensibio H2O is so amazing, able to remove makeup completely without using any cleansing oil, milk and facial cleanser!

Bioderma has another range of Skin Care Products, HYDRABIO which I’m going to introduce to all ladies out there with Normal to combination skin and Dry to very dry skin.

Every day pollution, stress and climatic conditions disrupt the skin’s cellular activity. It can no longer generate in depth, nor retain on the surface, the water it needs for its natural balance. The skin becomes dehydrated, uncomfortable, more sensitive, and loses its radiance. HYDRABIO, the Dehydrated and Sensitive Skin range, re-trains the skin to boost its natural hydration process and rebuild its own defenses.

Let me tell you the difference of DRY and DEHYDRATED SKIN:
Dry Skin
When skin is dry, the water loss is generally from the deeper layers. This happens when skin lacks lipids. Dryness is an internal problem, when skin doesn’t produce enough lipids, or if there’s a storage of water intake.

Dehydrated Skin
Having dehydrated skin means that skin’s surface corneal layer is weak, causing more surface water loss. Dehydration is caused more by environmental factors like the weather.

I have tried HYDRABIO H2O and going to show you the awesome results of this amazing water-based makeup remover.


My eyes with full makeup (Eye shadow, liner and mascara)

Soak the cotton wet with HYDRABIO H2O
And place the cotton onto your eyes for about 20 seconds or more. Then slowly swipe the cotton downwards for 2 to 3 times.
And you will see all the eye makeup being removed!
Use another 2 cottons soak it with HYDRABIO H2O to remove the rest of the makeup on your face.
To make sure all my makeup was removed completely, I use a new cotton with HYDRABIO H2O to cleanse my face again and it clearly shown that all my makeup was being removed!
All my eye and face makeup being removed thoroughly without using any cleansing oil, cream, milk and facial cleanser! Totally no-rinse!

HYDRABIO H2O makes our skin absolutely hydrated and dewy! 
No editing at all!
HYDRABIO H2O is a water-based no-rinse cleanser and makeup remover. It is pH balanced and has cucumber extract to perfectly soothe skin while cleansing.
No rinse require after using HYDRABIO H2O. 
Bioderma HYDRABIO H2O is available at various Guardian Outlets.
250ml – $29.90
For more info about Bioderma skincare range, you may visit: Bioderma Singapore Facebook
I will review the rest of the products of HYDRABIO in next few blog posts, do stay tune and look forward! 

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