[Review] But Becky Age-Lock & Moisturizing Wild Yam Mask + Giveaway!

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Introducing the newly launched masks from Taiwan, but Becky!

but Becky, made for Asian skin. Not only does it helps relief your skin concerns, this perk also give your skin a lift with its double woven mask sheet designed with ear hooks!
Received but Becky Age-Lock & Moisturizing Wild Yam Mask from Secretive last week! 
Can’t wait to try it out!!

Chinese yam is rich with the botanical DHEA

Rich in botanical DHEA, Vitamin C and E, wild yam is perfect for delaying the aging process of your skin while balancing sebum and hydrates skin with natural minerals. Elastic fiber and Collagen revitalize and regenerate skin cells for smoother and youthful skin.

Diamond Pattern Double Lifting Mask
Double Woven Technique and Highly Stretchable!
Elastic Fabric and Rapid Absorption! 

Designed with ear hooks with double lifting effects!

Coverage Degree 

It helps every woman to achieve healthy, radiant skin.

My Review: Nicely fit onto my face, no stinging feeling at all! After removing it, remaining essences able to absorbed completely even without patting on my face. I can feel its firmer and bouncier! 

but Becky is now available at all Watsons Stores! 

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Giveaway Contest!

To allow my readers to try out the latest Taiwan mask but, Becky Age-Lock & Moisturizing Wild Yam Mask.
I’m going to give out 2 sets of but, Becky masks! 2 readers will walk away with 2 pieces of mask each!

What you have to do:

Step 1. Like But Becky Singapore FB: https://www.facebook.com/ButBecky.sg 

Step 2. Follow me in twitter: @tebisha86

Step 3. Tweet this: “Latest Taiwan Mask but Becky is now in SG! Read www.tebisha.com for more info! Win but Becky mask from@tebisha86

Step 4. Comment on this blog post with your Name, Twitter ID & Email Address.

All 4 steps must be done to qualify for the Giveaway!
2 winners will pick randomly! 
Contest ends on 25 Jan 2013 (Friday) at 6pm!

And the winners of the Giveaway are:

Congrats to Hong Jingting & Koreen Hong!!

Both of you won 2 pieces of But Becky Age-Lock & Moisturizing Wild Yam Masks!

Please email your Name & Address to tebisha@gmail.com by 30 Jan 13, if no response by 30 Jan, I will pick another winner. 

  1. Anonymous

    January 24, 2013 at 6:56 am

    Name : Koreen Hong
    Twitter : @koreenhong
    Email : badylon@hotmail.com
    Thanks for e giveaway 😍

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