2012 coming to the end.. Welcoming 2013 soon!

Last 2 days of 2012! Have you guys planned how to spend your last moment of 2012??
Recalling back last year, during my 2011 NYE Party, my 2012 New Year’s Resolution was to go Taiwan for Super Show 4 and I managed fulfilled it in Feb 2012!

I’m very satisfied with my 2012, most of the things in my wishlist for 2012 were being fulfilled, I had fun with my family, friends and colleagues! Managed to go Korea 3 times in 2012 and Taiwan once! I hope more overseas trips will be awaiting for me in the coming 2013!

Let me slowly recap my 2012 moments with pictures!

January 2012

Chinese New Year with my sisters (23 Jan 12)

February 2012

Super Show 4 in Taipei! (3-6 Feb 2012)

食字路口 Food Game with my Sec Sch Gang! (12 Feb 12)

Super Show 4 in Singapore (18 & 19 Feb 12) 
1000 Super Junior Cards to be given out on both concert days during SS4 SG!
Department Trip to USS! (29 Feb 12)
March & April 2012

Annual Overseas Trip with the Girls! Korea! (29 Mar – 5 Apr 12)
 My first time to Korea in Mar 12, can’t believe in 2012, I went to Korea 3 times in May & Oct 12!
First experience to KBS Kiss the Radio (Sukira) Recording! (02 Apr 12)
Super Junior DJ Ryeowook & Sungmin
My first musical experience given to Super Junior’s Kyuhyun in Seoul (03 Apr 12)
Unforgettable experience, hope I will have a chance to catch Kyuhyun’s musical again!
Last Wicked Musical in MBS with BFF (22 Apr 12)

May 2012

Macdonald’s Hello Kitty Launch Event (15 May 2012)

Super Show 4 Encore in Seoul (26-28 May 2012)
 Although its only 44 hours in Seoul, I didn’t regret it at all, catching Super Junior’s very last Super Show 4 for 2012! 
Awesome seating with awesome performances! This going to stay in my mind forever. Definitely makes feel like going back to Seoul for their future Super Show again!

June 2012

My Birthday Staycation @ Quincy Hotel with BFFs (3-4 June 12)

Birthday Celebration in Office with Colleagues (5 June 12)

Birthday Dinner with the Girls & BFF at Queens (5 June 12)
Shinhwa Grand Tour Concert in SG (16 June 12)
Panasonic Workshop + Shine Youth Festival Workshop (30 June 12)
July 2012
Singapore Blog Awards (21 July 12)
August 2012 

313@Somerset Food Tasting Event (12 Aug 12)
I have resumed my Korean Language class at NUS Extension in August 2012. Changed to a new school for my Korean Language, currently doing quite well.. Fun & enjoyable lessons! I’m currently in Korean Basic Level 3, most likely will continue till I master it!
Besides learning language, we also learnt about Korean food making!
September 2012
Lego Land Preview Event with Family (8 Sep 12)
Bellabox TGIF Blogger Event (14 Sep 12)
NYDC Birthday Bash Event (18 Sep 12)
October & November 2012
Finally I removed my braces on 11 Oct 12!
Can see the changes? 
BFF Trip to Korea! Experience the beautiful Autumn!
 This is also 1 of my 2012 New Year Resolution! Finally fulfilled it this year! 
So happy that we made this BFF Trip happened, hope KW will join us next time! 
SMTown Live in Singapore (23 Nov 12)
Lots of unforgettable moments during SMTown, from getting the tickets to trading tickets totally hectic!
Thank God for granting us be in the best mosh pits of the concert! I’m very appreciated and feel very contented for being so up closed with the artists and finally I get to see my boys after 6 months!
December 2012
One of the most fun event I’ve attended! Thanks Diana for the invitation.
Hello Kitty Town in JB (15 Dec 12)
Our Yearly Theme Party!
Christmas Theme Party (24-25 Dec 12)
These are my special moments of 2012!
2012 is one of my best year! I’m really lucky this year able to fulfill most of the items in my wishlist for 2012! 
I’m really appreciated in everything I’ve got in 2012!
I’m not greedy, hope my 2013 will goes on smoothly same as 2012!
These are the items I wanna achieve for 2013
1) Driving License (I have been saying this since poly! I must really get it in 2013!)
2) Overseas Trip with Family! (Taiwan or Korea)
3) Overseas Trip with the Girls! 
4) Attend Super Show 5 in Seoul
5) Attend Super Show 5 in Taiwan
6) Attend Super Show 5 in Thailand
7) Attend Super Show 5 in Singapore
8) At least 1 Super Junior-M showcase
9) Do well in my current job!
10) Master my Korean Language! 
11) Able to go Korea for Language Exchange Programme (Didn’t manage to fulfill it this year hopefully will be able to go in 2013!)
12) My speacial person will appear in 2013.. 
13) And of course Lots of Money!! 😀

  1. mag

    December 30, 2012 at 2:11 pm

    i wish for all your wishes to come true in 2013 babe! have a fabulous one! im looking forward to 2013 tooooo… xoxo,Mag.

  2. Yan Teng (tebisha)

    January 2, 2013 at 8:50 am

    Thanks dear! Hope ur 2013 will be awesome!

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