Plan Your Trip to Korea [Part 4] Myeong-dong!

Myeong-dong! 명동!

Tourist must-go shopping district!
It’s a shopping district filled with all Korean Cosmetic Outlets, Apparels Flagship stores, restaurants & eating joints etc..


Let me list down the stores that I will patron when I go Myeong-dong. 
For cosmetic outlets, I won’t go in detailed in this post, it’s going to be too much if I name it all. 
The major outlets like The Face Shop, Etude House, Nature Republic, The Skin Shop etc… all can be found there! 
1. SPAO 
“Spao is a global clothing brand shop offering various items from casual wear to men’s suits, women’s suits, children’s clothing, underwear, sportswear, and accessories. Spao works on star marketing in collaboration with SM Entertainment and offers product lines co-produced with top-notch designer, Chang Kwang Hyo.”

SPAO is filled with various SM Artist posters in the shop, SNSD, Super Junior etc..

* Do remember to go SPAO building level 4 EverySing if you are a Big Fan of SM Artists! Official goods are available there and there’re neoprint machine for you to take with your favorite idols!

2. Why Style Optical Shop 

Why Style is owned by one of the Super Junior member Yesung, he opened this Optical Shop for his father to manage. (You can see his own selca on the wall)
The glasses here are very stylish! And surprisingly, they are not costly! Glasses here range from 58,000won  and above! And they can do up your glasses within 15 minutes! Super great for tourist who wanted to have a pair of glasses from Why Style!

2nd Floor of Why style, where you get your eyes tested and there’s a waiting area with sofa! You can enjoy a cup pf tea or coffee while waiting for your glasses to be ready! Super Junior MV played on the TV as well! 😀

Let’s go into FOOD!
I will touch a bit more on Food in this post instead of Shopping. Too many shops in Myeong-dong for shopping! I can’t really go in detailed… For girls, you need a least 1/2 a day in Myeong-dong for shopping! So if you are going to Seoul, do plan a 1/2 day trip there, from late afternoon till night will be the best time! At night there will be various street food and stalls in Myeong-dong!
3. Baekje Samgyetang 百濟蔘雞湯

Baekje Samgyetang is the famous Ginseng Chicken Soup in Myeong-dong. They have been serving their famus Ginseng Chicken Soup for the past 40 years. 
It’s really good to have this if you are in Seoul during cold seasons.
Beside normal chicken, you can choose black chicken for the soup! My picture above was the black chicken! Do remember to add a little soju in the soup to keep you warm!
Seoul-si Jung-gu

Myeong-dong 2-ga 50-11

4. Bongchu Jjimdak(봉추찜닭)

What is Bongchu Jjimdak?
Bongchu-jjimdak (Bongchu-style seasoned and simmered chicken) is a dish that originated in the Gyeongsangdo Andong region long ago, and has now been turned into a fusion dish seasoned with spicy sauces to fit the tastes of the people. To make jjimdak, you first add pre-cooked chicken, extremely spicy peppers, mushrooms, carrots and other vegetables, and finally Chinese noodles (thin noodles made of starch). The dish is then simmered to perfection at a high heat.
Bongchu-jjimdak blends the flavors of chicken, spicy peppers, and a sweet soy-based sauce to create a uniquely tasteful dish. The enormous plate takes up almost half of the table holding abundantl amounts of chicken, noodles, potatoes, and other ingredients. The chicken, noodles, and potatoes are thoroughly marinated in the spicy sauce for an addictive taste that you will want to experience again. Try the dongchimi (water-based kimchi with radishes) for added flavor.
(info credit to VisitKorea)

I really love this dish! It’s like one of our Chinese food stew meat. You can choose the the level of spiciness and remember not to order too big portion cause its really HUGE! 
(Photo credit to:
Bongchu Jjimdak, Myeongdong
Address: 25-2, 2-ga Myeong-dong, Chung-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Tel: 02-318-6891  
5. Bonjuk (본죽)
Korean Traditional Porridge! My friends and I love it when we were there in April! 
Must try the abalone porridge, it’s a good start for the day!
If you don’t like abalone, there are lot of different type of porridge for you to choose from!
Pumpkin, Ginseng Chicken, Beef Mushroom Porridge, etc…

(Photo credit to:
Bonjuk is a popular franchise porridge restaurant. It serves tasty Korean rice porridges that are healthful and “well-being.” Its juk, Korean porridge, is served in a large bowl with three small side dishes and dongchimi, a variation of kimchi in cool and clear brine. It’s a perfect dish on chilly or rainy days to warm up.
This location has menus of both Bonjuk and Bonguksu (본국수), Bonjuk’s sister franchise brand serving Korean noodles. The restaurant’s menus are written in Korean, English, and Japanese to accommodate foreign visitors.
(Info credit to

199-1 Euljiro 2-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul 
6. Yoogane

Yoogane is a restaurant chain, they are famous of their Dak Glabi or Chicken Galbi.

Marinated Chicken, Rice, Potato, etc.. mixed together and fry it!
You don’t have to DIY, the waiter / waitress will come to your table and fry it for you.
Be prepared to have fried rice smell on you after your meal. 
As Yonngane a restaurant chain, so they have outlets all over Seoul not just Myeong-dong!
I’m going Korea in 2 days time! Will update more when I’m back! 😀

  1. Jocelyn

    October 25, 2012 at 10:14 am

    Did you do glasses at Why Style before? 😀

  2. girlfrommars

    June 15, 2014 at 2:31 am

    Hi there, thank you for your posts of Seoul . Can i just check with you if there are summer clothes available during your trip in autumn?

  3. Yan Teng (tebisha)

    June 15, 2014 at 2:32 am

    Hi, unfortunately there are no summer clothes available during autumn. mainly are sweaters and long sleeves wear..

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