The Sally Hansen Nail Care Nail Art Workshop + Giveaway!

Winner Announcement
I have picked the 1 winner for my Sally Hansen Giveaway!
And the winner is Fiona!!!!
I will email you the details soon!

Attended the The Sally Hansen Nail Care Nail Art Workshop last weekend!
The Sally Hansen Nail Care Nail Art Workshop is jointly organised by Vanity Trove and Sally Hansen.
The workshop was held at The Full House @ Hotel Rendezvous Gallery.

Sally Hansen New Diamond Strength No Chip Nail Color!
Each of us were given each set of Nail Care & Art Equipment.
We can bring home the nail file, orange stick, manicure bowl and hand towel.
Sally Hansen Trainer, explaining to us different type of nail shapes.

First part of the workshop was basically let us know type of different nail shapes, how to take care our own nails by removing cuticles, how to scrub our feet to remove dead skins and demonstration of massaging our feet.
Before moving on to the 2nd part of the workshop (Nail Art), its time for Tea-Break!
As the workshop started at 10am, so Full House served late breakie for the participants.
After tea break, continued the workshop with Nail Art.
As I’m still in half sleepy mode, didn’t really crack my brain for creative nail art design.
Trainer will choose 2 most creative nail art and display to the class..
Too bad I’m not chosen πŸ™ 
Attended the workshop with Mag! πŸ˜€
There’s a mini sales booth at the workshop as well.
Nail Colors selling at $10 each, Cuticle Oil at $5 only!
Didn’t get any items although its cheap…
Yay! Got my goodies bag from the workshop! Can’t wait to see what’s inside!!
And these are the items inside the goodies bag, worth $100 of Sally Hansen products!
And now this is what you guys waiting for!
Giveaway Time!
I going to giveaway some items from the goodies bag!
ONLY 1 lucky winner!
The 1 lucky winner will get:
1. Sally Hansen Air Brush Legs
2. Sally Hansen Nails & Cuticles Hand Cream
3. Sally Hansen $5 Gift Voucher
How to win?
Step 1: Follow me in twitter @tebisha86
Step 2: Tweet this:  
“Win Sally Hansen Products from @tebisha86 read for more info!”
Step 3: Leave me a comment on my blog post with your:
Name, Twitter Nick and Email Address
In order to win, all the 3 steps must be done!
Closing Date for the Giveaway: 30th September 2012, 10pm

  1. Janice

    September 22, 2012 at 1:13 pm

    Name: Janice Yik
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