NYDC Super Sweet 17 Birthday Bash!

NDYC is 17!!!
Attended their Super Sweet 17 Birthday Bash last week!
Thanks Nuffnang for the invitation which I got it through their twitter event 😀
Birthday Bash was held at NYDC Bugis Junction Outlet 😀

The whole Birthday event was like Awesomely Fun & Enjoyable!
We get to try out their new menu dishes, enjoy our dinner with our favorite bloggers and also fun-filled games with prizes!

Our favorite well-known bloggers who attended the Birthday Bash were Catherine Ling (camemberu.com), Miss Tam Chiak (misstamchiak.com) and Velda Tan (belluspuera.blogspot.com).
Besides the famous bloggers, 2 of the young Mediacorp stars Jayley Woo & Edwin Goh also joined us in the event as well!

Surprised to see my name plate on the table! 
And guess what! Velda going to be seated on the same table with me!! Yayness! 
Finally get to see Velda in person!
Before the event, we can have pictures taking at their NYDC backdrop!
Together with my blogging buddy Mag!
Our birthday wishes to NYDC!
Pei Fen from Yes 93.3FM was the host for that night!
Introducing their new menu!
My drink, Raspberry Tremble!
A raspberry twist of the all-time favorite Lemon Shiver drink, spritely, tangy and it’s pink!
So good we get goosebumps!
(Extracted from menu)

Greetings from the NYDC’s GM!
And the event started with some words finding game!
My group! we were busying looking for words!
(Photo credits to: Nuffnang’s FB)
We were the 3rd group to finish the game, didn’t expect to win! 
First dish served! 
Waldorf With a Hic!
Waldorf salad amped up with whisky. Juicy, whisky-infused grapes, roasted almond flakes and plump rasins dressed in lemon mayo with crunchy Romaine’s. *hic!*
(Extracted from menu)

Followed by the next dish.
Skinny Dip Chips!
Three’s not a crowd with this chips and dips to share. Warm tortilla chips ready to be skinny-dipped into spiced chilli beef, blue cheese and our favorite artichoke blend.
(Extracted from menu)
My favorite dip will be Blue Cheese!!
And here comes the main dishes! We get to try out their new and comeback main dishes!!
Romeo & Juliet
This baked baby is back ’cause you asked for it! Smoky crispy bacon stirred with tender sweet corn and hot herbed rice in nydc’s signature garlic mayo all topped with oozy, melty mozzarella.
(Extracted from menu)  
Picasso Pizza!
Put on your artist’s hat! Create your own pizza canvas and be the Picasso of the pizza world…
(Extracted from menu)
You can choose your preferred pizza base and toppings! Create your very own pizza!
Yankee’s in Town!
Go Team! Score a duo of hot sauce roasted chicken wrapped in bacon, and more bacon wrapped think garlic bratwurst sausages. With pow-wow wedges, this will get a cheer out for you! 
(Extracted from menu)
Drunken Masta!
You have been warned! A feisty, chunky seafood stew of tiger prawns, dory fillet, clams and shell pasta, flamed and spiked with the heat of tequila! 
(Extracted from menu)
My favourite main dish of all! Love the stew and of our my favorites seafood!
You can even choose your drunken master level of the pasta!
While waiting for the desserts to be serve. Time for the 2nd round of group game!
This time, its to write our own slogan for their mudpies!
Our team slogan!

While waiting for the game results to be out… Cake cutting time for NYDC!

Birthday song for NYDC 17th Birthday!

And we have Jayley & Edwin sending their birthday wishes to NYDC!

Finally NYDC’s famous Mudpies!!
My group mates together with Pei Fen & Velda! 
 Remember the 1st game we played, the words finding game?
We were the winning team! Cause the 2 teams who submitted before us, have some mistakes in their answers so we became the winners! Each of us won a $20 NYDC voucher!
Me & Velda! She’s mad pretty in real person!
She and her husband super niceeeee and friendly! 
So lucky to have her and her husband on the same table with us!
Adore her to the max!

With another famous blogger Miss Tam Chiak!
One more picture with Velda & Mag! ♥ ♥ 

Had so much fun at the birthday bash!
Thanks NYDC for the great hospitality and delicious food!
And again, Thanks Nuffnang for the invites! 

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