Bellabox TGIF Blogger Event! [Part 2]

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I’m back to update the Bellabox TGIF Blogger Event Part 2!

Remember from my previous post, I mentioned about Petronille Cosmetic and we had so much fun at the booth! I’m going to reveal what we actually did at the booth on that evening.

Petronille Cosmetic is created by Petronille, yes she named her cosmetic under her name. So awesome right?
Petronille Graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy of Paris, Pétronille Houdart has been always fascinated by the world of cosmetology. Professionally invested in dermo-cosmetic research, she has been able to assess how the “beauty creams” and “real care aspects ” were too often thought of separately.
Therefore Petronille is dedicated to a patient research and development of customised skin care, sourcing highly active ingredients to create targeted products and give a real meaning to ‘beauty care’.

Petronille Cosmetic is a customized skincare that responds to your skin’s specific needs.
Essentielle creams plus a drop of Elixirs which is booster mixed both together and it works great on your skin.

Customise your skincare: each day, just before application, add one drop of the Elixir of your choice to your Essentielle cream, according to your skin’s specific needs. Activated at the very moment of application, your customised care offers your skin all the freshness and power of its active ingredients.

And guess what? We got a chance to make our very own scrub at Petronille’s booth!

Here’s the recipe of the scrub by Petronille!
According to your needs and choose your ingredients!
The founder of Petronille Cosmetics, Petronille! Explaining the steps to us!
Mixing all the ingredients!
Petronille is so sweet! She even prepared decoration materials for us to decorate our scrub jar! 😀
And Tadahh~ My very own scrub is done!
After we made our own jar of scrub, all of us was given a goodies bag from Petronille!
And guess what? All of us got a full size Day Cream + full size whitening booster!!
So awesome right!!! Petronille is so generous! Super love!
I have been using the Day cream + the booster for the past 5 days and I love it! 
Shall do a review soon!
Thanks Petronille!
Petronille Cosmetic is available at
For more info you can visit:
Next up! Elizabeth Arden booth!

Makeover counter for 15 selected bloggers!
But too bad, I’m not the selected blogger to enjoy the makeover session..
Elizabeth Arden introducing the New Beautiful Color Eye Shadow Singles and Duos!
And their new casing!
Beautiful Color and Application
The buildable shades provide strong saturation and outstanding wear. The smooth texture of the luxurious new formula is crease-proof, allowing for a multi-finish application that smooths, brighten and lifts the look of eyes. With 32 Singles and 7 Duos, women can create any look they desire – from daytime to professional to fun and flirty.
And each of us got a Color Eye Shadow Single from Elizabeth Arden!
Additional surprise gift from Elizabeth Arden when you drop your business card to them!
My surprise gift is Pretty Body Lotion by Elizabeth Arden!
Beautiful Color Eye Shadow Singles and Duos is now available at all Elizabeth Arden Counters!
Lastly, the highlights of the event! Make our own Bellabox!!
Choose 5 items and customize your very own Bellabox! 
And also voucher from Wangz Hotel!
My 5 items are:
Savoir Faire Lipstick – Miss You 400
Aveda Invati Shampoo & Conditional Pack
Mini OPI Nail Color
Caudalie S.O.S Thirst Quenching Serum
Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment for Hair
Look! How happy me & Mag were after the event! Many bags of goodies!
All my goodies bag!
Once again, Thanks Bellabox for organizing this awesome event!
It’s one of the best blogger event I’ve attended!
Thanks Mandy from Bellabox for the invites!
Don’t forget to subscribe your Bellabox at $19.95 per month!!
Next month October, going to be Bellabox 1st Anniversary Box!
Are you excited to know what’s inside?

Faster subscribe your Bellabox now!

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